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Rain. Cutting like knives onto any bystander willing to scamper out into the relentless arms of the storm. The cold air bit into the skin and ate away at the delicate flowers sprouted from the ground.

Dark. Even the moon had hidden itself behind thickly rolled clouds that shone a light of silver for a matter of a second. With that nefarious light was a thunderous roar that jolted the hearts of the fearful.

"Dead," a quivering voice spoke, with shoulders hunched and trembling hands stuffed into loose pockets. "The lot of them."

Another man stood with arms folded across his chest and calculating eyes examining the mauled forms thrown at his feet. One was a woman; her delicate blue eyes were staring lifelessly at the unforgiving sky. The man beside her had a face unrecognizable; scratches of a beast had deformed him.

"Hybrids," the man claimed with a nod of his head. "Say, Bear, do you know where to find the owner of these hybrids?"

Bear, the short man with fear pooling from his frosty eyes, bowed his head in respect. "Y-yes, master. Of course. I believe... I believe they left traces. They wanted to be found by you."

The man's grin spread across his face. Tilting upward, he felt the icy cold rain splash onto his skin, running down to his neck, and soaking into the black cloak that covered the rest of him.

"We will find this leader of hybrids. I'm sure they can get me exactly what I want."

"And what is that, master? I-if you don't mind me asking."

Eyes were back on the two dead humans in front of him. The man was a hunter, himself, and had once been married to a Seeker; one who can see glimpses of the future, past, and present.

Where that Seeker was, he hadn't a clue. For if he did, she would be dead right beside the father of her child.

Anyone who crossed him found their way into the ground.

"It started with a curse," he muttered to the opened air. Turning his back to the two dead humans, he began walking toward the black car waiting for him, the high beams an unwelcomed flash of light in the darkness of the night. The man's hand curled around something in his pocket. Something that could very well get him everything he wanted. "And ended with something much, much worse."

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