Ten: Don't Lie

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I was too focused on the brazen woman who had a roguish smirk on her plump lips. So much so that the sudden gust of wind from the opened door nearly took me out. I was painfully aware of the unpropitious situation, causing me to become attentive on the sudden intruder.

In the blink of an eye, Mel's smirk faded into a look of utter vexation. "Ugh. Why are you here?" She snarled, clearly unimpressed with our uncanny guest.

Zeke smiled at her with a look of amusement twinkling in his eyes. "Mel, dear, didn't you know that kidnapping is illegal?"

She rolled her eyes. "I was just testing something out. Sue me."

"I didn't think you had a death wish." His eyes traveled over to me observantly. "Well, if it isn't Ella. Two times in one week; don't I feel special?" His eyebrows raised at my silence. "You really have nothing to say?"

"Oh, I have plenty so say. I'm just not wasting my breath. It's not like any of you will answer my questions, anyway."

Mel gasped. "Wow, and she's also smart. You know, maybe keeping her alive isn't such a bad idea after all. Maybe we can even be friends."

"Doubtful," I mumbled.

Her dark coloured eyes narrowed into a glare. I chose to ignore the threat that was blatant in her indignant expression. It appeared as though her intentions were to walk over to me until Zeke spoke up and stopped her.

"Go home, Ella. I'm sure your friends are worried half to death by now."

My eyes flickered between the two of them; an aura of tension suddenly became apparent.

"Like hell I'm letting her go. Stay out of my business, Zeke." Mel was about to run over to me, however, Zeke launched himself forward and grasped her arm.

"Remember last time we fought? You were healing for weeks."

"I've gotten a lot stronger, you smelly dog."

"You think?" With one hand, Zeke lifted Mel off of the ground, spun her around, and smashed her against the ground. That caused her to indent the floor. "Go, Ella. Now."

I didn't waste any more time; I dashed out of the sinister house and sprung over to my car. There were a few raindrops starting to fall down on the car. I wondered if they would stop the party early because of it. I sped off, back towards my town in sudden desperation to put as much distance as possible between me and those people.

My hand pressed up against my temple. I needed to speak with Carter. I needed to tell him everything. Everything.

My ringtone suddenly started going off. I pulled my phone to rest between my ear and shoulder.

"Hello?" I greeted, glad my voice was steady despite what I had just experienced.

"Ella." It was Carter. "The party is just about done. It's pouring at my place."

"Wow. That really sucks. I was going to swing by too!"

"Yeah. I'm still coming over. We... need to talk about a few things."

I nodded, despite the fact that he couldn't see me. "Yeah... There's a few important things I need to talk to you about, okay?"

He paused, breathing out a sigh. "Sure. Where'd you go today, anyway?"

"I'll explain when you're over. See you then?"

"Yeah. See you."

Just after he hung up, I remembered something dire.

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