One: Dirty Little Secrets

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The sky proved its point in being baleful

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The sky proved its point in being baleful. Thick clouds hung so low, I was sure I could stick my hand upward and touch them. Their colourless bounds of mist were darker than I was used to, although that could have been due to the fact it was nighttime.

What am I doing out here again?

"Pass me the paint," a voice snapped from in front of me.

I rolled my eyes at his haughty attitude and handed him the bucket of paint. As I stood there with uncomfortable shivers dancing across my skin and aches sprouting on my feet, I wondered why the hell I let myself get into such a situation.

"Hurry up," I muttered through clenched teeth.

The humid air caused a thin layer of sweat to coat my arms. I swiped my fingers across my forehead in dismissal. We were standing outside of our high school performing acts on the walls that were not considered legal.

The only reason I was there was that I'd lost a bet to the school's jackass. I wasn't one to go against a bet.

"What? You scared?" Timothy glanced behind his shoulders to flash me a toothy grin. "Is Ella Calloway scared of the dark?"

"No," I retorted sharply.

He huffed and continue with his 'artwork.' "Don't worry, babe. I'll save you from the big bad wolf."

My eyes did a quick scan of his body. The wolf I knew could tear him apart limb from limb. The cynical part of me figured he'd deserve it. That was a part of me that I showed to nobody.

Timothy stroked his paintbrush against the brick wall. In all honesty, I had no idea why he was so insistent on coming that night, of all nights. The rain was due, the temperature was hotter than any other, and we had school in the morning. I wouldn't have been surprised if his intentions were immoral.

He was, after all, an insolent pig. If I weren't so good on my word, I would have been in the safeties of my bedroom. Just in case he did try anything, I had pepper spray stashed in my bag. He had tried something on me at one point in time and lived to regret it.

The atmosphere was anything but amicable. The trees rattled against one another and the wind blew harshly against us in a warning battle. I securely wrapped my arms around myself as my eyes scanned the area. There was only one streetlamp a few yards away. Its constant flicker left me wary, as though it were warning me to pack up my ego and leave. Drops of water landed on my exposed skin, light at first. It wasn't long before the clouds opened up and drenched all who stood beneath it.

"Are you seriously still painting in the rain?" I complained, although I wasn't entirely certain he could hear me over the sound of water smashing against the pavement. My teeth ground together in order to mask my frustration. God forbid he knew just how much he pissed me off. To top it off, the ass ignored me. I opened my mouth, ready to throw curses at the back of his head until a noise startled me.

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