Chapter Eight - Tougher Than Ice

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I dug my claws into the ground and wriggled my flank, my tail swaying in the air. I studied Poison as he pinned one of the rogues down and slashed his neck. They still need my help... I took a deep breath, and charged into battle.

I stumbled under Mistyfoots' paws and leaped at the warrior she was trying to beat back. "Icekit? What in Dark Forest's name are you doing here?" She hissed, shoving the muscular cat back. This time, I could actually make out its pelt, a dark blue pelt with bright yellow eyes. I assumed it was a she-cat, even with all the muscle.

"I came over here because I noticed you guys were- were having trouble." I replied. I got interrupted and had to repeat myself as I reached for the dark blue cats' eyes. I couldn't get to them because I was so small. I backed up and leaped onto the she-cats back. I was surprised and excited at how high I could jump!

Deathkit won't believe this! I thought with a wide smile. The dark blue cat suddenly shook out her fur and I held on with my claws. I dug in as good as I could until I was ripped away. Mistyfoot pinned her down while she was distracted and gave her the killing bite.

She glared over at me and stomped toward me. "See! I helped, didn't I?" I chirped, hopping up and down. The gray she-cat didn't reply, just jumped into battle to help out Sandstorm. The rogues were now out-numbered, yet they still doubled onto Sandstorm?

I jumped into the air as a huge paw stepped on my tail. I clawed at the leg and hissed, backing away from the rogue.

I watched Scourge smash a cat in the face with his claws, blood splattering to the side as his face was forced to the left. Shock flooded the rogues' eyes as he stumbled to the left. I realized it was a black cat with brown stripes and blue eyes with blood dripping from the gash on his jawline. Scourge held his ground and as the cat leaped at him he lifted his claws and cut a perfectly straight line down his stomach. Blood poured from the wound and refused to stop, even when the cat held his paw to it. Scourge smirked and the rogues backed away from the BloodClan warrior's.

"Retreat!" One called and they filed away, dragging the dead and assisting the majorly injured.

Scourge pointed to the rogues with his tail and Poison, Thornclaw and Russetfur pelted toward them. Scourge watched them go until you couldn't see them any longer. Scourge turned to me.

Anger and pride were mixed in his icy blue eyes. "I don't know if I should be proud of you or angry at you." He growled, eyes narrowed. "I couldn't stay back and just wait! I'm not welcome in the nursery anyway; I wanted to help!" I pleaded but he only stared blankly.

I swallowed as he stared. Finally, he spoke again. "You are welcome anywhere. Just because your littermates dislike you, doesn't mean you can't go places. One day you'll be strong enough to beat them until they bleed out. They'll fear you. The ones who get bullied become the greatest known. I would know." Scourge responded in a growl and I blinked, shocked at how meaningful his words were.

Scourge padded away, not a scratch or anything on his black pelt. He was unbeatable! No one could ever beat Scourge. With his long dog claws, studded collar and icy, heartless blue eyes, anyone who threatened him stood no chance against the ultimate warrior of all times.

I may have wanted the loving, happy life as a real Clan cat - how it was supposed to be - but Scourge had been an amazing cat in my eyes. I didn't know what I would've done without him.


I was forced to go to sleep before the sun came up. My stomach growled for milk but Tawnypelt had officially given up on me, not allowing me to have any.

I woke up with my stomach rumbling for something to eat. Bloodkit was excited today. He was four moons now, which means he's going to be an apprentice. I envied him greatly. Deathkit, on the other paw, was happy for his friend. He considered him his brother and I was considered the outcast.

I padded out of the nursery. Only one good thing came out of Bloodkit becoming Bloodpaw and that was: no more two on one fights. Unless... He comes at me with Deathkit. Would he help out Deathkit before he was made an apprentice?I hope not.

I sat at the fresh-kill pile, no more than two mice and a thrush. I loved mice, so I picked the bigger one and carried it to the spot beside the nursery. I sat down and watched as Minty and Hoot shared tongues, purring together and keeping their heads close together.

I knew they would be mates eventually, that's if they weren't already. I savoured the taste of the mouse and chewed gracefully. The sun was already up, almost fully. I swallowed the last bits of my mouse and fluffed out my fur. Licking my lips, I cleaned up my white fur. I made sure I lapped at the cuts, too, as they were slowly becoming pink scars.

I looked up to see Scourge talking to Poison, Ice and Brick. Scourges' eyes were hard and serious, occasionally nodding. Their heads were close together and I wanted to desperately to know what they were saying.

I chose not to sneak up on them and listen - as much as I itched to - and just cleaned up my fur. Scourge dipped his head in farewell and padded up to his den where he must do his announcements.

I stayed where I was as he called everyone forward. They apprentices and warriors gathered. I was focusing so much on how Minty and Hoot nuzzled each other that I hadn't of noticed Bloodkit was already touching noses with his new mentor, Tess.

I didn't want to listen, but Scourge would want me to. I wonder when I'm going to be an apprentice? What will my warrior name be? Will Bloodpaw, Deathkit and I be forced into the BloodClan Hunger Games? I wondered, narrowing my eyes at the deputy and leader of BloodClan. I bet Scourge wouldn't do that to me. When will Scourge die? Probably never!

I came back into reality when low cheers rippled among the Clan. My tail whipped in anger. "Bloodpaw! Bloodpaw!" The Clan cheered. Would they be louder in the original four Clans? Would Mousefur even be alive? I bet not, she's pretty old as is. A growl crept up my throat at how excited and proud Bloodpaw was, his chest puffed out. Mousefur licked in between his ears and he ducked down. He hissed something at her and Mousefur purred.

I sighed. I wished my mother was like that. She would've just walked away to Rowansting and then cheered on Deathkit. Just to be mean to me and to make it clear she hates me.

The cheers lowered to murmurs and Bloodpaw spoke for a bit with Deathkit until Tess ordered him to come with her. I hope Bloodpaw gets what he should've a long time ago: discipline.

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