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Warrior Cats: BloodClan Hunger Games by Pure_Awesomness83
Warrior Cats: BloodClan Hunger Gam...by Megan
Scourge ruled the forest ever since he had murdered Firestar in the Darkest Hour. From then on, he took over the Clans and created a bloodthirsty game that only the twis...
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Sunsets (Hawkfrost X Reader) by AverageCrybaby
Sunsets (Hawkfrost X Reader)by AverageCrybaby
You're a pure-blooded RiverClan apprentice, that enjoys life in her clan to the fullest. It's a day like any other in which a patrol comes back with three rogues. You s...
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Icefeather's Journey (Warrior Cat FanFic) by Pure_Awesomness83
Icefeather's Journey (Warrior Cat...by Megan
*thoroughly editing* Icefeather's story was a story untold - until now. She was beaten up, called names, rejected, and hated on for simply being different. Being a Blood...
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The List of All of the Warriors Cats Names by ruddergrl
The List of All of the Warriors Ca...by Redwillow
This is just a list of all the cat names from Erin Hunter's Warriors series. You can use it if you need inspiration for fanfictions, prefixes and suffixes, that one name...
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Power of Dragons: A Feathery Start [1] by WritingByJay
Power of Dragons: A Feathery Start...by Jewel Dawn Daigle
To be written...
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WattyWarriors Fan Magazine 1.0 by WattyWarriors
WattyWarriors Fan Magazine 1.0by The Watty Warriors
This is the first edition of the WattyWarriors Fan Magazine! A magazine where you can find recommended authors of warriors fan-fictions, short stories, and even contests...
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101 ways to annoy Crowfeather by Beecafe
101 ways to annoy Crowfeatherby Beecafe
Crowfeather is a big grump. Oh he's easy to annoy all right (snickers) but I, known as Twilightspeckle will give you 101 ways of Crowfeather getting annoyed. 🏆 Ranking...
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Warriors Preferences by Sunny_and_Griddle
Warriors Preferencesby Sunny_and_Griddle
Sunny and Griddle choosing their preferences on warriors, such as SquirrelFlight or BrambleClaw?
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Original Warrior Cat Songs by Elpidaion
Original Warrior Cat Songsby Elpidaion
These are original warrior cats songs I made, dedicated to the series! Featuring the well-known characters, and the more unknown characters, I'm making songs for them al...
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Warrior cats reborn (During Vision of Shadows) by IvyWing706
Warrior cats reborn (During Vision...by Ivy Wing
StarClan has decided to send 5 cats from each Clan, to go back to the Clan's and save them from Darktail's wrath.
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Clan High (a warrior cats high school AU) by Andrea-The-Espeon
Clan High (a warrior cats high sch...by Andrea
Welcome to Clan High School, a school where the Warrior Cats are humans. Leafpool is a girl set apart from the others. Squirrelflight is a semi-popular junior at Clan Hi...
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Crowfeather Couples - Nightcloud/Leafpool/Feathertail Rant by LexiTheCat
Crowfeather Couples - Nightcloud/L...by Lisi
Including: Feathertail, Leafpool and Nightcloud
Our Journey (Brambleclaw X Warrior Cat OC) by Petalmist12
Our Journey (Brambleclaw X Warrior...by Petalmist12
W/n is a Shadowclan warrior and is one of the only few that have accepted Tawnypelt into the clan, in fact W/n and is Tawnypelt's best friend. Then Tawnypelt has a myste...
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Warrior Cat Short Stories by LushenPudding
Warrior Cat Short Storiesby Acxa
Most of these are not proof read and just a different POV (somehow while still in third person???) of a scene in the books. I will be taking requests all the time but no...
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Warriors: Facts, Q/A, etc. by gabbyr98-44
Warriors: Facts, Q/A, etc.by gabbyr98-44
I will have different things on here. Facts on different cat's, I will answer any question you have (serious and joking), I may do one or two name generators, seeing as...
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Warrior cats theme songs 4 by Swift-Paw
Warrior cats theme songs 4by Swiftpaw
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Moonmist's adventure by Moonmist_Warriors08
Moonmist's adventureby Runningwave08
Moonkit was born in moonclan and she was a very energetic kit she loves to swim and play with her sister willowkit and her best friend riverkit. When she was a apprentic...
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Gray and Silver (Graystripe*Silverstream) by Sundapple06
Gray and Silver (Graystripe*Silver...by Sundapple06
Silverstream survives her kitting. The clans don't yet know about her and Graystripe. but they figure out at some point. Enjoy!
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Fear the Beasts  by Donotimagine
Fear the Beasts by Briana Mortal
In other stories they will tell you everything was perfect before something bad came , life was magnificent no matter the tax break you where in. Because of a horrible...
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