Chapter Twenty-Six - Epilogue

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It had been roughly two moons since the last day BloodClan stood, and it was the full moon, meaning we were to be at the island by moonhigh to gather with each Clan. Leaf-fall had come but WindClan wasn't too worried since we had few cats to feed. We all knew no Clan would fight us until at least leaf-bare because no one needed to. We were all on good terms for now.

I couldn't wait to see how the other Clans were managing and to my surprise, I was anxious to see Deathpaw. Though he was a jerk, he was my brother and I did miss him ever so slightly.

Onestar led the way onto the island silently. It seemed that we were the first ones there. But soon after we settled, RiverClan joined us. Minty wasn't with them; I assumed she was nursing by then. Mothpaw and Mudfur joined me where I sat. "How's WindClan?" Mudfur murmured.

"Doing well," I replied. "We set camp away from the Arena and we're planning on finding a way to get rid of it, not much prey with the chilly weather either but we're doing fine. What about RiverClan?" Mudfur shrugged, "Mothpaw is learning quickly, we've set camp, and settled in just fine." I dipped my head with a look of gratitude.

I turned my attention to the group of cats I recognized as ThunderClan. They settled in and the murmurs became louder. I envied their amount of cats that survived. It bugged me that there were so few cats in WindClan.

Without having to wait, ShadowClan joined us shortly after ThunderClan. We are all weak and easy targets against ThunderClan. Great.

Tabby and Cinderpelt headed toward the three of us to complete the medicine cat group. It surprised me that Tabby was the medicine cat. I guess after being a heartless guard, she wanted to become something more. "How's everything going?" Cinderpelt mewed as she sat down beside me. Her blue eyes glittered with concern and joy. With everything she's seen and had to live through, it surprised me how happy she was.

I watched the - I assumed - new deputies take their places below their leaders. Rowansting, Ocean, Birchleaf, and Owlwhisker sat together. Tess was Owlwhisker's old name.

"Everything's been good. How's ThunderClan?" I answered. She didn't get to answer because Mistystar began the Gathering.

"We have settled well by what was once known as The Main River. Minty is now known as Mintfur and has given birth to three healthy kits, Owlkit, Stonekit and Willowkit. Owlkit is to remember their fallen father, Hoot. Ocean has been named Greymist as well." Mistystar announced. "We also have a new apprentice medicine cat, Mothpaw, who is a great apprentice."

The other Clans cheered for the new kits, newly-renamed rogues, and for Mothpaw. I made sure I joined in.

Bramblestar took Mistystar's place, gazing around the rather small crowd of cats. His fur started to spike up in self-consciousness but he swallowed down his fear and continued the gathering.

"BloodClan's camp is being torn down while we've managed to make our self a camp in the meantime. We have new names: Lostface has changed her name back to Brightheart and a new warrior has been named, Bloodnose. We are very thankful for the amount of survivors we have." Bramblestar dipped his head as he finished. The Clans cheered the two newly named cats and died down as Onestar came forward.

"Not much to report from WindClan, only that Icefeather has learned a lot in two moons and is a great medicine cat in training and that Tess is now to be known as Owlwhisker," Onestar meowed, his strong voice echoing among the silent Clans. "Congrats," Cinderpelt purred, nudging me softly. I gave her a warm smile in return.

"BloodClan's Arena will be destroyed sooner or later and we've steered clear of it for our camp." The Clans cheered my name and Owlwhisker's for a few heartbeats as Blackstar took his place.

"We've settled well in the pines and we're at peace. Tabby changed her name to Tallpoppy, who I'm happy to say is now a great medicine cat. Timber is now Leaftail and Deathpaw has made it to become a warrior, named Deathmist." Blackstar meowed. The Clans yelled out their names for a few heartbeats as the leaders hopped down.

"Let us remember the fallen always." Mistystar called out.

Without even thinking the thought over, I leaped up as cats mingled with one another for a few heartbeats. I trotted through the small crowd of Clan cats until I came to Deathmist and Thornclaw. Deathmist looked over at me then said his farewells to Thornclaw.

Thornclaw left to go with ThunderClan so I was stuck with Deathmist. Oh great StarClan, what have I gotten myself into? I thought with widening eyes.

"Hello, Icefeather." My brother murmured with questioning eyes. I dipped my head, "Hello."

An awkward tension surrounded the two of us and I decided to call it off and give up. "Yeah so... I totally thought you were someone else. But er... Congrats with the cool name." I stammered, backing away slowly. He dipped his head, "Congrats with the responsibility. See you at the next Gathering."

I hurried away to find my small Clan, my tail fluffed up in tension and awkwardness. Onestar gave me a look of amusement, his eyes glittering. "How'd that go?" He purred. I narrowed my eyes at him and sighed. "Still awkward." He dipped his head and led the four of us toward our unfinished home.

Times may have been rough as a kit and an apprentice, but it got better. I'm glad I stayed strong, or WindClan would be without a medicine cat.



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