Chapter Ten - Jerks Everywhere

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What in StarClans' name is that supposed to mean? I almost gasped. I think my fighting is great! Especially for an unwelcome, outcast, tiny kit like me!

I wasn't sure at all who was who. One cat was a light brown tabby with black paws and ears. Another was black with grey front paws and huge fangs. They were so huge, part of them stuck out of his mouth! Another was a huge muscular brown cat. His eyes were a dark purple. He looked like he ate kits! And the final one, not as tall as the others, had light grey fur and tall ears.

"First ones, Burn and Lostface." Scourge ordered. The light brown tabby stepped forward and Lostface took her place.

"What happened to your face?" Burn hissed, his eyes wide. His green eyes sized up the ginger and white torn up she-cat. "Same thing that'll happen to yours!" Lostface hissed, leaping at Burn. Burn gasped but didn't move in time.

She landed on his shoulders and pierced deep in side of his back. Burn cringed but recovered greatly by bucking her off. I glanced at Scourge who was leaning in, his eyes hungry for a fight. "This isn't fair! We're already injured by Scourge and the other two!" Burn called out as Lostface chased him in circles.

Lostface cut through the circle and slammed into the tabby. I saw Cloudtail leaning in to the fight, his eyes hopeful. Does he like the fight as much as Scourge, or does he like Lostface? Maybe he likes Burn? Thats's stupid! Lostface doesn't love anyone or anything. And I bet neither does Burn. Especially a guy... I tipped my head to the side and sighed.

The fight didn't last long as Burn was practically torn to pieces on his face - just like Lostface had promised.


Snipe, Snapper and Timber also went. Timber had crushed Sootfur and made him stumble with every hit. Snipe wasn't too bad for a small cat, doing just about as well as Burn. Snapper had bitten so hard down on Hoot that Hoot had to see the medicine cats about his tail. It was kinked and dripping with blood as he rushed to the den.

Of course, the medicine cats were more than happy to see another patient to visit. They have four of each other. Are they that tired of themselves that they pray to have a severe injury just so they can see the cats? I noticed that the only reason they were aloud outside of their dens were to get more herbs and to fetch fresh-kill. I should visit them more often... They seem tired and lonely. Plus they're the only ones who actually seem excited to see me...

Scourge announced that the four rogues could stay in camp and that they were welcome in the Clan. They had to train tomorrow though, just to get them stronger.

I fluffed out my fur and looked around. The sky was cloudy and dark. I could tell rain was coming.

I felt bored out of my mind... Nothing to do... I'm not aloud to fight, nor leave camp. Scourge is too busy and I'd hate to be a bother. Would Frostfur or Coldkit play with me?

I padded toward the nursery and entered it. I tensed up as I saw Deathkit and Bloodpaw tearing apart my nest with pure hatred and excitement glowing in their evil gazes. Why can't you two accept who I am? I almost yowled out. My pelt prickled and spiked up. I wanted to claw their ears off right then and there!

"Speak of the freak..." Deathkit murmured. I could see the smirks spreading among their devilish faces. "Hey Pipsqueak! We remodeled your nest," Bloodpaw teased, flicking his tail slowly. Is he trying to get me to jump at him and kill him? I narrowed my eyes to a slit.

Anger began to bubble up inside of me. I was so eager to just... beat them up. I knew Bloodpaw would probably know more then me by now... But hey? I could still cut him up and maybe make him wish he hadn't called me that name. I was so sure he had forgotten about it. He hadn't called me that name in days.

Before I could lose my temper anymore, it seemed Scourge had beat me to it. He seemed to have enough today with cats arguing, and it seemed with the sudden amount of cats appearing in our territory that he was more agitated than ever.

I backed out as quick as my legs would take me and halted as I saw yet another newcomer. Three, actually.

"Finally. I was told the Clans - er, Clan - was beyond the mountains. I decided to give up Tigerstar's kits. They've been dying to live with him." A brown she-cat mewed. She was obviously nervous. Who wouldn't be?

Scourge gritted his teeth. "Tigerstar?" He hissed. His eyes flashed with annoyance. The she-cat only blinked, puzzled.

"Answer me when I talk to you!" Scourge exclaimed, taking a step forward. Poison took a place on the right side of the black leader. "Yes. He-he is the father of these two, Hawk and Moth." She stammered.

Scourge let out a purr, his eyes flashing with pure evil. "I remember those furballs. Good runners, you are. Where's the other one? The black one?"

The she-cat swallowed and looked down at her two remaining kits. "None of your business!" The small brown tabby tom yowled, fur spiked up with his icy blue eyes round.

"Just like Tigerstar, aren't you?" Scourge growled. He stomped up to the tabby and just barely hovered over the tom who seemed to be Hawk. Soon, Hawk would probably be just as tall as Scourge...

"What do you want me to do with them? I don't want any part of Tigerstar, or his kin." Scourge hissed. Moth just sat still, eyes hard and serious. Hawk was clawing at the muddy ground.

"I thought they should stay in the Clans, but now that I know what the new Clan is like, I'd rather not let them stay." The she-cat growled. Her blue eyes were a narrow slit. Scourge flicked his tail and Poison and Brick dashed in behind her, blocking her way out.

Do they know what he wants simply by the flick of his tail? I'll have to ask him about that as soon as I can!

"No, no. I change my mind," Scourge announced simply, looking away slightly for dramatic affects, his eyes effortlessly open. "I'll take them." He growled, looking toward the three strangers with only his cold eyes.

"I thought I said I changed my mind? Whose kits are these? Mine!" The brown she-cat exclaimed and Scourge snorted. "Whose territory are you invading? Mine." Scourge gave her a dark glare.

"I won't let them go without a fight. I change my mind; I shouldn't have come here." The brown cat pleaded, backing away with her kits close by. Poison shoved her forward. "A fight? I've been through over five today. Come at me, kittypet." Scourge unsheathed his long dog claws and bared his sharp, yellow teeth.

"It's about to go down!" Coldkit hissed to Heatherkit from the entrance to the nursery. "Hush!" Runningbrook scolded and Coldkit gave a small apology.

Coldkit is right. One way or another, Scourge will have those kits.

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