Chapter Twenty-Three - Planning it Out

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I blinked open my eyes to my surroundings. With the clouds covering the sun, heavy with snow, I shivered though I didn't mind it. I had also grown used to the stench of the Twolegplace.

I sat up, hunched over so I didn't bang my head on the top of the boxes that were stacked around me. I had pushed two of them apart just so I could sleep there, and only me.

I wasn't the only cat who lived in this Twolegplace. I was usually helping Lily and Alice scavenge for food, they were other loners that lived around. We didn't have any problems that we couldn't take care of, mostly just hungry or loose dogs.

It was usually quiet here. I had forced myself to grow used to the barking and yelling that rung in the cold, silent night. The occasional screech of the monsters' paws as they tore away on the Thunderpath didn't scare me as much now.

I padded out of my den and fluffed out my coarse white fur. Alice's shinny black pelt hopped off of the fence and padded toward me. She reminded me of Scourge, but when I had asked her about him, she didn't even know who he was. "Where's Lily?" I asked her and she simply shrugged, replying, "I don't know, she could be scavenging early?" I nodded and looked around.

"It would be a lot easier if we lived in a Clan." I groaned. Alice tilted her head to the side, "Well why don't you, Lily, and I kill that Poison cat you mentioned before and take over the Clans? You told me before that there used to be four Clans... Maybe we could create them again?" Alice suggested, her eyes narrowed.

My heart skipped a beat at the idea. "You're brilliant! You're so brilliant! Why didn't I think of this before? Find Lily, we're saving the Clans!" I gasped. Alice dipped her head and trotted off, calling out Lily's name. Dogs barked at the sudden yowls that she called out, but it didn't bother her.

"Run faster!" I called to her and she tore off, still calling out Lily's name. What a fool, I thought with a mild purr.

I went the opposite way, sniffing for her scent. I found her scent but it was semi-new, as if she had gone that way earlier that morning. Trotting after her scent trail, it got stronger as I passed a Twolegnest and then rounded a corner to find a dark alley.

Garbage cans gleamed at the back and I jumped as something dropped a cans' metal lid. I eased as Lily's silver-and-white pelt came into sight with a dead, stinking rat hanging in her jaws.

"All I could find was this." She muttered after dropping the pile of infection and grease. "No need to search for food, we're saving the Clans and claiming what was rightfully ours! We're going to kill Poison and take the territory back!"

Lily's eyes narrowed and she flicked her tail. "With what army? There are three of us that are all bones. We can't beat him or his Clan." She hissed, padding away after grabbing her small feast.

Lily began to rant without looking at me. "Besides," I hurried after Lily as she trotted back to our meeting spot, where Alice, Lily, and I gathered to share tongues. "What has this Clan done for me? I know nothing about any cat there and I know no one except you, so why would I save their fluffy-touches?"

"I know you know no one, but once the Clans are settled again you'll make friends and you won't starve every leaf-bare! You won't have to live in this loud, stinky place anymore." I insisted. We stopped at the gathering place and she dropped the gross rat.

Looking over at me, she gave up and sighed, "Fine. But we'll need a plan."



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