Chapter Twenty-Five - Final Fairwells

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All eyes were on me, some were glares and some hopeful. I didn't know what else I was to say.

Soon after, without even thinking, words came out of my mouth. "This Clan is pathetic. No cat should have to live this life! I am recreating the Clans that were meant to be..." I looked around the camp.

"Either the hard way, or the easy way." I snarled. No cat answered as I stood there with narrowed eyes and a bushy tail. Finally I had had enough since no one would say anything. "Find your original Clanmates of the four original Clans and build your homes for real this time," I announced, my voice echoing in the silent, stained campground.

"Anyone who stands in anyones way is murdered!" Cheers rose in the camp. I felt content by what had gone down. Slowly and surely, one by one, each cat seperated into five groups, the smallest containing Snake, Brick, and Violet. The most had Lostface, Brambleclaw, Cinderpelt, Dustpelt, Brackenfur, Rainwhisker, Greystripe, Birchleaf, Mousefur, Bloodpaw, and Thornclaw. Mousefur had to be escorted by Dustpelt and Rainwhisker since she was so badly injured.

Blackfoot, Deathpaw, Rowansting, Timber, Tabby, Russetfur, Boulder, and Oakfur gathered together and stood proud while Mudfur, Mothpaw, Minty, Mistyfoot, Snipe, and Ocean didn't look as confident with low numbers, but stood strong.

Onewhisker, Coldpaw, Heatherpaw, Crowfeather and Tess sat together with Runningbrook at their paws. Grief struck me hard but I swallowed my emotions down and watched the cats as they looked up to me.

Blackfoot stepped forward, "I will be leader of ShadowClan. ShadowClan will be strong in no time." He announced with a blank look. I dipped my head.

"I'll be leader of RiverClan." Mistyfoot meowed as she padded in beside Blackfoot. "We've all agreed I will be ThunderClan's leader." Brambleclaw stood beside the two new leaders.

Onewhisker limped away from his kits and dead mate to announce he'd be WindClan's leader. "I will be WindClan's medicine cat," I announced, hopping down from the rock den. "Cinderpelt, Mudfur, you will help the ShadowClan and WindClan medicine cats to learn, please. Also, new rules: Medicine cats go where they please, they're the healers of these Clans, and don't you forget it!"

Cheers rose among the wounded as they agreed. "Icefeather," Brick stalked forward. "Snake, Violet, and I would like to go to Twolegplace. Clan life isn't for us, we've realized." She murmured. Without any thought, I replied with a dip of my head, "Very well. Good luck."

"I say we all bury the dead before we separate." Brambleclaw insisted. All the other new leaders agreed with slow nods. "We will sit vigil afterwards as well!" Mistyfoot announced.
Midnight had come by the time every deceased warrior was buried. We stayed by their burial spots until the sunlight broke the sky's dark surface.

As I began to leave with Onewhisker leaning on my shoulder, Blackfoot called out, "Any rules that existed before BloodClan took over is to exist now as well. Especially no tresspassing, stealing, or killing without any reason."

"Good luck to you all," Mistyfoot called over her shoulder as she led her tiny group away. We all said our farewells and good luck wishes and then we went out separate ways.

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