Fire Will Set Them Free

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Four seasons have passed and it sure hasn't been four quick and easy seasons. With very few warriors I had to pitch in on hunting and border patrolling when I went out for herbs. We had so much territory for such a small and weak Clan. Not for long though, Heathertail - once Heatherpaw - was expecting kits. Her mate was unknown but I suspected it to be from ThunderClan.

Onestar hadn't seemed to mind, despite he was her father. He was too caught up in the fact she was bringing kits into the Clan. Coldfoot - once Coldpaw - was a splendid warrior. He worked hard to keep the Clan fed and his loyalty and commitment glowed in his blue eyes.

No Clan had bothered us in those four seasons, to my relief. If ThunderClan or RiverClan had given us trouble, especially through leaf-bare, I wouldn't have let Onestar battle them. We couldn't afford anyone dying.

And on top of that, the Arena was still there in plain sight. It's a terrifying memory that won't diminish. I wished it could just... be gone like we'd hoped; then we could set the fallen free, but no such luck.

We had destroyed any water supply in the Arena with boulders and clay so no prey would want to live there, but it didn't seem to work as well as Onestar had expected. Most of the prey was out of it by now, though.

Sighing, I let the memories of the past four seasons drift me to sleep.
I opened my eyes to flames. Fire crackled around me, a circle of orange licking flames threatening to burn me. They were so tall, I couldn't even see over them.

Thank you. Thank you. Whispers from unknown cats filled my ears, making them ring. I squeezed my eyes shut as the ringing continued, painfully drowning out the crackling sound of the fire. Fire will set them free... Fire will burn their prison and their painful memories will let them be. The voices chanted. Over and over, over and over... The world around me eventually began to spin and swirl until I found myself awake in the medicine den.

I tore out of the medicine cat den so fast I scared myself. Is WindClan okay? Is there a fire? I asked myself, tripping over my paws as I exited the den. No one was outside; the moon was going down now but the stars were still shining. Shining like ice shards in a sea of black. What was StarClan trying to tell me? Was this about the Arena and the spirits who were trapped?

I hurried into Onestar's den and lied to him, telling him I couldn't sleep and was in need of herbs. Drowsily, the leader mumbled, "Okay," and rolled back over to go to sleep. Relieved he didn't seem suspicious, I raced out of camp and looked to the sky.

"StarClan... how do I set them free? Give me answers so we can let the past be in the past!" I whispered to the clear sky. As if on cue, a strong wind blew my fur the opposite way, blowing towards Twolegplace that was downhill. "Twolegplace?" I murmured. A calm breeze whisked through my fur. Taking that as a yes, I dashed as fast as I could until I came to the Twolegplace.

This way. This way. Voices whispered. I wasn't sure who or what said it or where they were, but I didn't care. I followed the voices until they seemed to be right in front of me. My fur pricked up in hostility as Twoleg voices echoed through the silent night. Through wide eyes, I watched them go inside, leaving an unattended glowing orange fire.

Their nests' entrance closed quietly and - as much as my head told me not to - I ducked under the fence and stalked toward the fire. As I neared it, the heat seared my face, sending a shiver down my spine as the warmth comforted my cool pelt. Different shades of grey stone made a hollow circle around the fire. It crackled and danced as I stared mindlessly at it. Hurry. Get wood. The voices gasped. Gulping, I unlocked my gaze from the glowing ball of fire and backed away.

I scanned the territory with my heart pounding in fear and anxiousness. A pile of flat wood and sticks sat near the Twolegs nest. My heart lurched as my paws automatically clawed at the ground to hurry my way toward it. You'll be free soon, Feathertail... I thought as I grabbed a thin, long stick that was closest to me when I halted.

Turning tail, I fled to the fire yet again. It was dying down now, making it easier to get to the red not coals at the bottom. Hot flames threatened to melt my eyeballs and burn my whiskers off but I kept the stick in the fire until it lit.

My instincts told me to drop the stick and bolt, but I held it tight in my grasp as I trotted to the fence. I hopped over and trotted quickly toward the Arena. A few times I had to drop it and blow on it to keep the flames lit, stomping on the burning wood that fell.

I came to the edge of the Arena, boulders lining it. I hopped up and over the boulders and slid down the steep hill.

I set down the stick, laying it into a dry patch of grass and heather, and blew gently on it. Greenleaf had been a dry season and I was happy about it for that reason and that reason only. Thank you, Icefeather. A toms voice whispered. Feathertail, too, will rest in peace now, thanks to you. My heart skipped a beat and as I whipped around, I met eyes with the many sparkling, transparent spirits.

Hurry. Another tom growled. I nodded and raced up the steep hill, climbing the rocks we kicked in. The fire ate the grass as I climbed, spreading into the trees and other parts of the Arena. One of the big boulders that lined the Arena stood in my way, but I managed to leap over it from the adrenaline.

I looked over my shoulder to see flames everywhere. Orange flames were quickly eating away at the dry grass. "Now you can rest in peace... All of you," I murmured, feeling the weight fly off my shoulders.

"So can you." A shiver ran down my spine as Feathertail's voice hit my ears. And from those three words, I knew she was truly set free.

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