Chapter Six - Visions

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I woke up at the pool, my mind a daze and my legs trembling.

Ice will grow around the territories with the Feather at it's feet. Blood will be no more, they will suffer their defeat. The eerie sentence that the beautiful medicine cat had told me rung in my head. What did she mean? It was killing me that the old ThunderClan medicine cat hadn't told me what it meant.

By now, the sun was almost down. I started trotting back to camp on wobbly legs. An image flashed in my mind of a group of cats, purring with each other. They were on their way to the moor.

No one purred while on their way to the moor, that's where they get sent to The Hunger Games. That's when nine out of ten don't come back. It was always quiet, depressing, and scary as you headed to the moor, I was told.

I blinked and the vision was gone. StarClan is sending me messages! Were they from the Clans? I wondered, rushing away toward camp.

I came to the camp and before I went in, another image flashed and I saw a totally different camp. It wasn't muddy; it had dents in the grass from walking but it was more of a clearing then a mud-spot. It was clean and happy-looking. The brambles around the camp weren't dead and there were no thorns surrounding it. It was as if it were new and more alive.

I trekked into the camp and my eyes widened. The fiery orange cat I saw in my dream - Firestar I recalled him as - was chatting up a storm with Sandstorm, and Sandstorm was actually happy. She was never happy anymore. She was grouchy, snappy, and sassy.

I spotted a brown she-cat dragging her hind legs behind her. A grey tabby tom padded out of the medicine den, and as he got closer to leave the camp, I noticed he was blind, his eyes wide and blue. His eyes seemed to never end, just like the pool I had found. A reddish tom purred with a creamy tom without a tail. Lostface was laying down with Cloudtail, eating prey with him.

She also looked happy and less serious and emotionless. Who are these cats? I wondered, padding in more.

A light grey she-cat padded out of camp with another grey tabby she-cat. "Icecloud!" The reddish tom called to a white warrior.

She whipped around and I gasped. She looks exactly like me!

I rushed over to Icecloud but before I could get over to her, I was zapped back into reality.

The muddy campground was depressing. A lump of emotion got caught in my throat and I fought to swallow it down. I wanted to live like the original Clans, where they were happy and not constantly looking over their shoulder and hostile. It seemed better for me, and Icecloud seemed like she was who I was supposed to be.

Though I didn't spot Tawnypelt, maybe I wasn't suppose to be Icecloud? I felt a sudden spark in my heart but I chose ignored it.

I realized quickly that cats were giving me looks. Scourge padded over, his eyes narrowed to a slit. "You look like you ate too much catmint! Where were you and what in Dark Forests' name were you looking at that made your eyes so big and hopeful?" He hissed. I would say he was towering over me, but he was barely the size of a growing apprentice.

"I ran out just to get out-" I mewed quickly. He couldn't know I was talking to StarClan, I'd be killed! I could've said I went out for a walk to cool off and to get away from Bloodkit and Deathkit? It wasn't exactly a lie. It just didn't have all the story to it.

Scourge sized me up with narrowed eyes. "You cannot run out of this camp again. Ever." He sneered, interrupting me. I nodded eagerly, my eyes wide with fear. Scourge nudged me away towards the nursery. Looks like I won't be going anywhere anytime soon... I thought as I was shoved into the nursery. "And where were you?" Tawnypelt growled, sitting up. Deathkit was fast asleep.

"Trying to get away from him," I replied with a snarl. I slouched down and narrowed my eyes. "I couldn't care less about that." Tawnypelt hissed, whipping me around "I asked you where you were, not why you left." I rolled my eyes inwardly and let out a deep breath.

"I don't know where I was, just in the forest territory," I mumbled, stalking away to my small nest. "And what are you doing?" Tawnypelt growled. I could almost picture her clenching her jaw in fury.

"Am I not aloud to sleep or something? Why are you asking so many questions?" I growled, curling up in my nest anyway. I heard Tawnypelt stand and she padded over to me. She smacked me with all her might and I squealed.

"Don't ever speak to me that way again!" She hissed and I stood up.

"I'll treat you how you treat me!" I yowled and turned around so she couldn't see me. Furious, I refused to look my mother in the eye. I muttered in a mocking voice, "Icekit? Who's that? Deathkit is so much better!" Tawnypelt hit me again and I rolled out of my nest, dizzy and paralyzed from shock.

After I mustered up the courage to take off, I ran out of the nursery and stayed in the clearing. Panting, I backed into my little spot and sat there by myself. If anything, she won't hit me out in the open... I hoped, gazing up at the dimming sky. I watched the moon slowly slide up the sky. The sky went from light blue to pitch black in what seemed to be like mere heartbeats. I didn't realize how long I was out there until I noticed the stars were shining. They twinkled like the StarClan cats' stardust. Is StarClan watching me? Are they trying to help me become a great warrior? I wondered, examining the sky as the stars danced.

I felt a presence come up in front of me and I shot my head to look at who was there. It was Coldkit. He had his head popped out from beside the nursery, curiousity flooding his big, bold eyes.

"Coldkit? What are you doing up?" I mewed and he shrugged, responding, "I couldn't stay asleep and I thought it would be the best to come outside. Turns out you are out here, too." Coldkit's voice was squeaky and I knew it was because he was young. Still, he sounded like a she-kit. I had to swallow my purr down so I didn't embarrass him.

I decided to just nod. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to reply to that his answer.

Silence curled around my ears and made me feel uncomfortable and squirmy. Finally, Coldkit spoke again, "Where do you think we go when we die?" Coldkit whispered. I looked over at him.

"StarClan," I answered quietly. Coldkit tilted his tiny head in confusion. Of course he doesn't know about StarClan. What kit would? I sighed. "It's where the good cats go, Dark Forest is where the evil ones go." I explained and he nodded.

"I knew about the Dark Forest. I have never heard of StarClan." Coldkit mewed and I put my tail to his mouth, "Sh!" I hissed, "You cannot speak of StarClan. Scourge doesn't like it."

Coldkit nodded several times and I dipped my head. "Explain to me about everything you know about StarClan!" He pleaded. Looking around the campground, I bowed my head to him as I realized everyone was asleep. "Alright, don't tell anyone about this." I ordered and he again nodded. Quickly, I told him everything I knew about StarClan: what they had told me and who they were. I told him about the images I had seen when I came into camp and how I wished it was like that now. I put in every detail I could remember, making sure he could see what I had seen.

Little Coldkit gave me a look of confusion as I went on but I could tell he took it in and was processing what I had explained. "Wow," Was all he could manage to get out. I dipped my head and looked away.

"You don't believe me, do you?" I murmured, avoiding eye contact.

"Hm, I'm not sure if I do. You sound crazy! But I'll try to take in what you said!" He purred, a flash of sympathy sparking in his eyes. Coldkit stood up and fluffed out his fur, hopping away. "I'm going to sleep, I'm tired. Bye!" He bounced away, disappearing into the nursery.

I still wasn't tired. I didn't even have the guts to leave the spot I sat in to go into the nursery. As cold as I was just sitting there, I knew Scourge would eventually wake to train me.

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