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RETURN of SCOURGE: Black Ice by FlamingGuardian
RETURN of SCOURGE: Black Iceby FlamingGuardian
(Book one of the Return of Scourge series.) "I had to have ice in my veins to do what I just did. I expect the ice to melt, but it doesn't. It just gets colder and...
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TogetherClan Warriorcat Roleplay by -_Fading-Light_-
TogetherClan Warriorcat Roleplayby #SAVESPIDY'SCURLS
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Warriors x Reader Oneshots  by Lonely_Trash_Cat
Warriors x Reader Oneshots by Back From Hell
" Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fight, hunt and live beside the fictional cats known as 'Warriors'? Have you ever wanted to meet one of the famous...
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Warriors;Spirit of Death: Dark Beginnings (Book 1) by PercillaChaseJackson
Warriors;Spirit of Death: Dark Haley Westlund
Cecily was raised in the very small group that was once known as the great bloodclan. Only getting more members since before she was born she was raised by Vila,her moth...
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Dreams of Happiness (BonexScourge) by darkfirespower
Dreams of Happiness (BonexScourge)by Candy Sam
A ScourgexBone fanfic, because no one else seems to be writing it >:( anyone who ships Scourge with any other character, I actually don't understand the other ships...
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The Return Of Scourge by Dyatora_Blue
The Return Of Scourgeby Dyatora_Blue
As you all know, scourge is the main villain in book six of the original Warrior cats series. His backstory was always filled with shame and sadness, his brother socks a...
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|+| Scourge X Reader |+| ~Warrior Cats~ by BurntSoul22
|+| Scourge X Reader |+| Jordyn
Completed Short Story! I'm also in the process of editing it, hopefully... I procrastinate a lot. What would u do if u had to become mates with a Cat who was able...
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IceBreath's descision(A warrior cat fan-fiction) *Old Version* by icebreathwarriorcat
IceBreath's descision(A warrior Ice
*This is the old, WAY OLD version, I am keeping this one up just for memories but honestly guys, DO NOT READ THIS VERSION it is Horrible with bad grammar, bad spelling...
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Bloodclan Queen by SilverdropTehKitty
Bloodclan Queenby Silverdrop
I am not good at these...... But anyway, ... Ivy is a normal kit born into a two leg nest, but when her housefolk leave and leave behind her mother and litter mates, the...
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Warrior cats x male/female reader by WindigoMoose
Warrior cats x male/female readerby MooseMoose
Gay/lesbian one-shots Cats! Fluff, Cheater, ext.
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A different story (Scourge fanfic) by xFlyingSquirrelx
A different story (Scourge fanfic)by xFlying Squirrelx
Scourge was killed trying to take over the forest, but what If he didn't become evil in the first place? This book is about Scourge. Instead of having Ruby and Socks as...
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Warrior Cats: Fluffs LGBTQ+ (#FreeTheLGBT) by Sombra_Hacker
Warrior Cats: Fluffs LGBTQ+ ( Miss Vanjie
I'm taking requests for LGBT+ ships for Warriors. have fun! (no smuts please. it's awkward to write since they're cats!)
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~ M a n i p u l a t i o n  || Warrior Cats Short ~ by RushingBreeze
~ M a n i p u l a t i o n || Blueflower 🌸❄️
(WARRIOR CATS IS OWNED BY ERIN HUNTER. MEADOWKIT[paw/breeze] AND THORNFROST BELONGS TO ME.) ~~~ Hello! My name's Meadowkit. Thornfrost thinks I'm pretty. He's really nic...
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Icefeather's Journey (Warrior Cat FanFic) by Pure_Awesomness83
Icefeather's Journey (Warrior Megan
*thoroughly editing* Icefeather's story was a story untold - until now. She was beaten up, called names, rejected, and hated on for simply being different. Being a Blood...
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Healer x Killer (Cinderpelt x Scourge) by Azure_wolfy
Healer x Killer (Cinderpelt x Azure
SLOW UPDATES! This is about scourge and cinderpelt where they meet and become mates. (Healer in obviously Cinder and killer is obviously scourge)
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Scourge x Ashfur by LoveOnTheWarriorCats
Scourge x Ashfurby Rubystar
When two toms fall in love, only their dreams can lead them. Storyline mix up!!! (Finished!!) The front cover of this was amazingly made by @The_Moon_In_Darkness
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[❆//the new leader]✔ by snowfeatherwrites
[❆//the new leader]✔by {snowfeather}
Sharppaw is just your average run of the mill Thunderclan apprentice. But after the war with Bloodclan, she starts to learn more about herself, and who her missing fathe...
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The Rule Of BloodClan- Book 1 by FreyaGunning
The Rule Of BloodClan- Book 1by ON HIATUS
See what would happen if BloodClan won the battle of BloodClan Vs LionClan. This is a fan made story. I have taken this battle from the warrior cats series so if you...
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The Return of scourge. by AkiraOchida
The Return of Akira
a young kit was just born, tiny and the runt. This young kit has one white paw and is almost all black with icy blue eyes. A new prophecy has come "the one who has...
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Scourge x Reader  - BloodClan Love ( Warrior Cats ) by TwistedMist
Scourge x Reader - BloodClan TwistedMist
You were a ShadowClan Cat. your leader was Tigerstar. you were a kittypet before joining ShadowClan. They exiled you out of the clan. You couldn't go anywhere else but...
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