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"Just a little bit longer." Littlecloud murmured to Tawnypelt. Tension was filled throughout the musky medicine cat den. Tawnypelt groaned and bit down hard on the stick provided for her.

Tawnypelt groaned loudly as she pushed. Out of pain, she clamped down harder on the stick. It snapped in half.

Finally, a small, brown kit was born. Littlecloud sniffed the kit. "It's a tom," Littlecloud breathed, softly licking the kit to life and setting it down gently at Tawnypelt's belly fur.

Littlecloud touched Tawnypelt's belly softly and shook his head, Mudfur looked over Littlecloud's head and watched through narrowed eyes.

"There's still one more to go. Keep breathing and pushing," Littlecloud demanded calmly to the tired queen.

Tawnypelt whined and pushed again. It seemed to be seasons before the small, innocent white kit came into the danger of BloodClan's wrath. The small brown tom mewled and pawed at his mothers' stomach softly. Cinderpelt purred at the tom.

"It's a she-kit," Littlecloud announced, turning to Mudfur. He then turned back to Tawnypelt, smiling softly at her. Littlecloud licked the white she-kit to life and set her down beside her brother. Tawnypelt licked the kits' fur backwards and looked up at Rowansting.

Tawnypelt was breathing heavily. She set her head down and took another glance at her two new kits.

"What will you name them?" Rowansting pushed through the partly crowded den and stood in front of his mate.

Tawnypelt thought for a heartbeat, then spoke. "The tom will be Deathkit, he'll be stronger then any other cat in the Clan," She finally decided, eyes filled with pride.

"And the she-kit... she will be Icekit, and she'll be as cold and cruel as any cold leaf-bare." Rowansting nuzzled into Tawnypelt's cheek. The new mother nodded, "I want our kits to be strong killers. If they go into the BloodClan Hunger Games, they'll need to be."

Rowansting nodded and nuzzled his mate even more. Purring, he whispered, "They'll be the best, strongest and bravest of them all."

Deathkit gave a small mew and they purred.

Icekit kept quiet, laying by her mothers belly away from Deathkit. They didn't seem to notice Icekit very much, they paid more attention to the slightly bigger kit, purring as he tried to walk over Icekit.

Icekit remained as still and quiet as if she were dead.



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