Chapter Seven - Rogues

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I was woken by a sudden jab in my side. I jolted awake, realizing I had fallen asleep. Scourge was towering over me, even though he was almost the size of an apprentice. I scrambled to my feet, dizzy because my body had just woken up. I knew it wouldn't take that long to wake up fully with the cold breeze lifting my fur and making me shiver.

"Hurry, I slept in as well as you, we might not get a lot of training in today." Scourge warned, trotting away.

Feeling rushed, I hurried in after him. "What am I going to learn today, Scourge?" We padded farther and farther away from camp. I felt uncontrollably energetic as the wind blew us forward.

"I will teach you how to defend yourself more." He murmured. Scourge was obviously distracted by something, his tail whipping from side to side, his ears twitching and straining to listen.

"What is it?" I asked, tilting my head, "Why are you so distracted? Is there someone here that you don't like?" Scourge didn't reply right away.

I didn't want to bug him, but it was killing me that he wasn't answering. "Scourge?" As I spoke, Scourge halted. Oh no! He's mad, he's going to kill me! I thought but just as I cringed to be ready for a devastatingly hard blow, he got down in a stalking position and hissed, "Get down!"

Getting down, I couldn't help but feel my stomach churn in fear about getting caught; I had barely any experience with stalking! "Keep quiet. It must be a group of rogues," Scourge warned, eyes narrowed to a slit.

He stalked forward quickly and quietly. I followed him even though I knew that I wouldn't even be able to harm an enemy nor stay quiet for as long as him. Scourge halted at the edge of the forest, hiding in behind a thick tree.

I peeked over with wide eyes. My heart lurched at the sight of a large group of muscular, scarred rogues. "Who are they?" I gasped but Scourge hushed me with a whip of his tail, hitting me on the nose.

"Quiet!" Scourge snapped. Shrinking down more, I obeyed his command.

There were at least seven cats, each large with muscle. I couldn't even tell if some were she-cats or toms!

One was taller than the others, his slick, knotted light brown fur clung to him, revealing his bones and several scars. The others must have had dark pelts because I couldn't tell the color of their pelts in the darkness. My eyes darted from the group to Scourge a few times in suspicion. What's he going to? Is he going to take them all on or run off to get the camp? I swallowed back the questions. He had to concentrate.

"Come with me," Scourge growled, rushing off quietly. Peeking over my shoulder as we dashed away silently, I noticed not one of them had noticed we were there. I ran in beside him, pounding through the dark forest, until we came back to camp. Puffing, we slowed down in the camp.

Scourge's icy blue eyes were cold, serious, and very angry. "Wake up!" Scourge yowled and almost instantly, cats poked their heads out of their dens. Poison came out before anyone else, trekking through the mud. His dark pelt was matted.

"What is it?" Poison asked, his ears twitching and his eyes narrowed. I could tell he was still groggy from sleep. "Seven rogues have been spotted on our territory and we need to act quickly, killing them." Scourge explained.

"What were you doing with Icekit?" Poison growled, glancing down at me. "She ended up following me out. I hadn't of noticed she was there until I finally spotted the group of rogues." Scourge lied.

"No!" I protested, shaking my head dramatically. Scourge glared down at me and I got the hint. He didn't want anyone to know. Is he ashamed? I wondered, scanning his face for signs of shame or regret. Scourges' face was unreadable!

Poison finally nodded in understanding and I sighed. Before Scourge could reply to Poison or call out to anyone else, I prodded his black leg.

"Scourge," I whispered, trying to be quiet. Other cats were murmuring, so I didn't think Poison would hear. "Am I going to fight, too? Will you train me double time tomorrow night?" Scourge lowered his head to me and he stared into my eyes deeply.

He did it for so long, I started to feel uncomfortable and I cringed as his icy, cold, blue eyes bore into my soul. I decided to say it again, just in case he didn't hear me. "Am I going-"

"No, you're too young and you don't know enough about fighting. I'm not sure if I can do it double but I will train you if there isn't anything happening tomorrow." Scourge growled, lifting his head away from me. "Poison, grab the strongest cats here. Make sure there are at least five of them that you choose. Maybe six." Scourge ordered, his whiskers twitching slightly.

Poison dipped his head and padded off. I watched as the six cats Poison chose padded in behind the deputy as he approached Scourge again. Jaggedtooth, Rowansting, Thornclaw, Russetfur, Sandstorm and Mistyfoot were there, eyes glossy with fatigue.

"Icekit, go get some sleep." Scourge ordered as he led the way out and I sat down with a huff. Rowansting nuzzled Tawnypelt in farewell and set off. My ear twitched in anger but I didn't move.

The group had left a while ago now and all the cats had left to go back to sleep. I knew I couldn't fall asleep now, not when a battle was happening. I had to witness it. I wouldn't be able to sleep unless I saw the battle!

I looked around the muddy, gloomy camp. No one was out and awake for all I knew. I pelted away, following the way Scourge and I had gone. The darkness loomed around me and flashes of cats surrounded me, all unknown. I knew some of the faces for sure, from BloodClan and some from StarClan. I knew it was another vision of what the forests were suppose to be.

It faded just as I fell into a bush, tripping over thorns and squeaking. I yanked my pelt free and fluffed out my pelt, thorns refusing to leave. I don't have time for this! I have to go see the fight! I thought to myself as I limped toward the sudden sound of fighting.

I hurried along, rushing toward the sound of fighting. I was gaining on them! I stopped at a tree and I peered out from behind it, watching Scourge bat around a cat. They were faster then BloodClan warriors, dodging the large claws of our warriors.

I narrowed my eyes, scanning the cats. The light brown rogue was dodging Scourges' every move like a snake. I itched to run in and attack the light brown warrior; I would be great! I decided that was that, I was going to help!

Scourge will be so proud!

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