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I wrote this on request, although I wanted to write some kind of story, but on such short notice a spiritual story was difficult for me so I just copied those reasons from Internet but these following personal points are my own, and if anyone here disagrees with any point, I would love to hear your reasons as well because that will make me think more.
So about scientific reasons, we muslim don't realise these points. Even I didn't knew them until I now, Islam already confirmed that this religion is perfect and is for our betterment. Our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him gave us reasons 1400 years ago, but now our science is even saying the same thing.
Although Hijab hides our beauty and, living in this era I really want other people to see my beauty and complement me on it, but what is the use of this Muslim tag if I don't  follow His commands? What is the use of Muslim tag when I am not like a Muslim Girl? What is the use of this Muslim tag if there is no difference between me and other non-Muslims? This abaya and veil protects me from sun rays, from humiliation, from lust,from every bad eye. We people think that hijab is just for women, although it is clearly mentioned in previous chapters that hijab is important for men. Hijab for men is not veil bit eye hijab, and believe me it is more difficult than covering your body. Lowering our gaze and respecting others, protecting your eyes from every bad thing is very difficult, I always fail in this test. I have tried thousand times to do eye hijab but it is extremely difficult. We women now don't do hijab thinking it is 21st century but oh women, Islam is a guidance till death, then whether it is 21 century or 41 century, Islam is Islam. Women sometimes complain that why man don't cover themselves while women do, even non Muslims have also this issue, we'll to this people place sensitive and beautiful things carefully. Women are sensitive and beauty of Islam. You know one interesting thing? Women are not strictly said to lower their gaze, if they are fully covered, but it is important, very important for men to lower their gaze.
Women, men, don't destroy yourself for this world, don't prepare to win people's heart, prepare to win Him, He is important, He will give you everything when you are alone. If He says something, it is for our benefit, we are His favourite, He loves us more than 70 mothers. Love Him unconditionally and He will show you the true meaning of Love.

I hope this helps you @tasneemsyed. If you want to edit anything do tell me. Also I am sorry it was difficult for me to write a story on such short notice so I took Internet as help.
Love you.

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