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25 weeks pregnant but Cara feels its has been forever, she can't want to see her babies. Although it is fun bossing people around and insulting them then blaming it on her mood swings.

As much as she wants to see her babies, there are other times that Cara doesn't want the babies to come out. Like the time she found it hard to learn how to stop a baby from choking during her birthing class. She cried because she felt she was already a bad mother even before the babies were born.

Then there was the time when she watched a live birth on YouTube and she freaked out, told Xander that she was sorry but the babies are going to have to stay in there forever. Even though it is impossible, at that time, she meant it.

Today is one of those days she wants the pregnancy phase to end, she is trying to get in her pink body con dress and it's a struggle. She had tried three different dresses before this and it's has been a disaster, either the zips rip out or the button pops out.

"Xander," Cara walks over to his desk where he is scanning and adding to the list made by Cara of things to get for the babies nursery.

"Babe," Cara calls again.

Soon as he gives her his attention, she turns around, "The zip please," Cara says, gesturing to her back.

Xander looks at the dress on her and from where he is sitting, he already knows that it will be difficult to zip it up. He shakes off the temptation to say something, as he did the last two dresses. He is going to at least trying first. He pulls the chair back and stands up.

Soon as his hands made contact, a shiver went down Cara's spine, Xander noticing, he lets fingers linger on her lower back for long in pretense to be trying to pull the zip.

Realizing he is teasing, "Xander," Cara whines, closing her eyes at the feel of his subtle touch.

"What? I am just trying to help." Xander says feigning innocence.

"No, you are trying to get yourself laid," Cara says turning to him.

"Either way, I am doing you a favor," Xander says cockily.

"Hmm, so you are doing me a favor by having sex with me?" Cara folds her arms and raises her eyebrows.

"I read in one of my books that sex helps with childbirth."

"I bet you did. And it's funny that you think that when I am in pains during delivery, I won't ensure you are in pains too." Cara smirks before turning. "Cassie's waiting for me, I need to hurry so help."

"Why don't you try clothes that Sarah and Jane brought this month? This has gotten small," Xander says letting go of the zip.

Cara turns to him, frustration in her voice. "Did you just call me fat?"

Xander knows he shouldn't have but laugh escapes his lips but he is quick to comport himself. He places his hands on her face, "If you were fat, you will be the most beautiful fattest woman ever."

"Is that supposed to be a compliment because all I heard was the word fat?"Cara frowns.

"You heard that over beautiful, come on," He is trying to hold his laugh and this is pissing Cara off.

"You might have as well have called me ugly since your aim is to get pissed."

"Oh Jesus," Xander says under his breath.

"What, I am annoying?" Cara glares at him.

Xander decides that talking is more dangerous, so he keeps quiet.

"So you have nothing to say? Why don't you keep talking, you were doing great." Cara snaps. She turns back to the mirror and groans in frustration.

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