Chapter 17: The Tour Part 5

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So far, I've been to the council room, the blacksmith room, the alchemist room, the kitchen, the library, the throne room, and the training room. The council room is on the first floor which is below the palace which is the lobby, the kitchen is on the second floor, the blacksmith and alchemist room are on the third floor, the throne room is on the fourth floor, the library is on the fifth floor, and the training room is on the six floor.

These six floors take up the entire mountain from top to bottom but there are actually more floors below the mountain. Adding the six main floors, there are a total of thirteen floors.

There are six floors inside of the mountain and seven floors under the mountain. It was hard to believe it but it's entirely true.

Vemon was the one that told me that there are thirteen floors in total and the next floor we're going to is the seventh floor which is about one hundred feet below the ground. The next room we're going to now is the magic room.

The magic room is like the library but for it doesn't just have shelves of books but it's also used for magical experimentation. I wasn't able to get much information out of it but I was told that Alistair was in charge of the room.

Once we got to the room, I noticed that it really did look like a library. It didn't have stairs like it but it was pretty big, to say the least.

While we were looking around, I saw what looked like golems guarding a door. I went over to the door and the golems turned their heads towards me.

I was kind of nervous because I didn't know what would happen if I just kept walking so I stopped and stared at them. I guess they didn't see me as a threat because they soon ignored me and turned their heads back.

"Those are the guards to my office." Alistair popped out of nowhere and told me what the golems were guarding.

If that's his office, then I want to see what it's like inside. I asked him if we could go inside to check it out and he said "Sure".

We went inside and it reminded me of Steve's office back at our headquarters. Not the home at our old town but in the city.

In Dranard City, there is an HQ for the top demon hunters. Since Steve was one of them, he has an office there.

The others and I were given a tour and we saw his office. I always thought Steve was a slob but he actually keeps his desk and office clean. Now all he needs to do is keep his room clean.

Anyway, looking around Alistair's office, I could see that it's very organized. The books on the shelves seem to be organized by genre and Alistair's desk didn't have that much on it besides an ink pen, two books stacked on top, and a stack of paperwork that's neatly piled.

"This is where you work?" I asked Alistair.

"Yes but I'm rarely in here," Alistair told me. "When I first got it, I used to live in my office but after a couple of years, I started to get preoccupied more outside my office and haven't really gotten a chance to just sit in my chair and rest."

Geez, it's that bad? I didn't expect him to be so busy that he can't even work in his office.

Once we got out his office, we moved to the eighth floor. This floor is the aquarium room.

It's where the races of water reside. I guess it's understandable since they can only breathe in water.

 When we got to the floor, there was a door in front of us. Alistair put up a barrier that kept the water from getting in.

Vemon then opened the door and we were sucked into the room. We were now underwater but thanks to the barrier, we could still breathe.

It actually looked amazing. I know there are cities and things like that for the water breathers underwater but this is my first time seeing an actual civilization of them.

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