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Thousands of years ago, only humans walked the earth. This all changed when a portal from another world appeared and inside was an army of demons. These demons sought to enslave our world and rule over it and for a while they did, that is until one person that was chosen by the gods stood up against the demons and became our salvation.

This hero was known as "The Demon Hunter" and with that title, he was known to hunt and exterminate demons. When this hero arrived, we finally had hope that we would finally be free from the demons, so we stood by the hero and helped him on his quest for demon extermination.

A few years after the hero arrived, we were able to gain back some of our lands from the demons and made cities and towns to protect the people. Soon after, we were finally able to rebuild our kingdom.

This angered the demons because they thought of us as nothing but slaves and decided to destroy us before we got too overwhelming for them. This, however, never came to be because the demon hunter has already made a group that specializes in killing demons.

With them, they were able to prevent the demons from enslaving us and was able to kill alot of demons so we could even the odds. For the past few millenniums, we and the demons have been fighting so one of us can destroy the other but all that's been happening was endless battles where both enemies were destroyed.

Because we are on equal grounds, there hasn't been any progress in winning this forsaken war. The hero that gave us salvation has soon died and left us his legacy to help finish the fight, but for the past few decades, the descendant of the hero has been missing and hasn't been found and with that, all hope was lost.

Without the hero's descendant, we aren't getting any closer to defeating the demons but we were able to hold them off. The same thing goes for the demons too.

For some reason, their demon lord that rules over all demons has also been missing too. Because of this, the two races made a peace treaty with one another.

The treaty says that neither races will attack the other unless they attack first, as a form of self-defense. Some of them complied with the treaty and some revolted the treaty and did what they wanted.

Because of the treaty and with saviors of both races gone, there might never be an end to this war . . .

. . . That is until I came along.


I'm running out of breath and space! I kept jumping over branches and taking every turn around this forest but there's no stopping that thing.

I could hear it roaring from here and it's getting closer. My men were already down and I was severely injured to keep running.

Every time I moved, my armor kept clanking and clanking making more noise and letting the beast know where I am. Stupid armor!

The roaring was getting louder. I just can't get away from that thing.

I took another right turn but tripped before I could run that direction. My body, thanks to momentum, was then in the air and crashed into a tree.

I didn't take much damage thanks to my armor but it still hurt regardless. I was too tired to get up or even move at that point.

I could feel the sweat coming down my face and the heat I produced inside my armor due to all my running. The scratch wound that penetrated my chest piece from the monster was starting to hurt again and I was starting to lose consciousness.

Before I could pass out, there it was in front of me. The beast that killed my men and chased me around the forest.

This was supposed to be an easy extermination job that we were assigned by the kingdom but to think that I'd run into something like this is too much. The monster that stood before me was a demonic beast.

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