Chapter 11: Complications and The Solution

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After getting everyone back to the palace from the fight, the demons that were supposed to be medics took them and did their best to heal them. Once they were done with healing my friends as best as they could, they told me that I needed to wait until they woke up,

It's been about two days since the fight and none of them have woken up. I haven't left the recovery room until one of them have woken up.

While I was there, I was visited by many demons that used to serve my father. Some of them were actually nervous because they thought I was some ruthless ruler like he was.

I didn't think my dad would be that kind of ruler but since he's king, I guess that's what to expect. There were some demons, however, that didn't think I was suited for being the new demon king.

Part of me agreed with them. I'm no ruler, nor have any experience with being one.

All I did was lead my team into demon extermination missions and that was it. I only have experience with being a leader of a small team that trust me. 

My skills, unfortunately, won't make the cut here. If I'm to be their new ruler, I needed to act like one.

The problem is, I have no idea how to do that. I don't know the first thing about being a ruler and if I did become one, I bet I would fail miserably.

I was hoping that when Vemon or the others could give me a few pointers on what I'm supposed to do when I'm a ruler but since none of them haven't woken up yet, I haven't been doing so well. I mostly stayed in the recovery room because I'm afraid that the crowd of demons would confront me.

I have no idea what I would do in that situation. Some of them would look at me for orders and guidance while others would probably look at me with disgust and maybe try to kill me.

Too many possibilities were swarming around my brain that it made it impossible for me to think. I was getting nervous and afraid of so many things going wrong.

Just then, the two demon nurses came in to check up on my friends. The boss nurse was a humanoid cat demon and the one with her was a humanoid dog demon.

 They had the features of a normal human but what's different was that they had the ears and tail of a cat and dog. They also both seemed to be older than I thought.

When I first met them, they looked like children but they told me that they were actually in their eighties. It was hard to believe but I didn't really had time or put any effort in thinking too much in it.

"Hmm, they still seem to be out of it. I expected nothing less from a demon lord." 

One of the nurses stated their thoughts as I kept looking at my unconscious friends. How long are they going to stay asleep?

"How long do you think they'll be like this?" I asked the cat nurse.

"I'm not sure, but considering that they fought a demon lord, I'd say it would take awhile."

"There are ways to speed up the process but we need permission to use them." The dog nurse suggested something that caught my attention.

There's a way? The dog nurse stated something that I didn't know about.

"If there's a method then why haven't you done it?" I asked sounding a little assertive. 

When the nurses saw me get a little jumpy, they backed away and kneeled before me.

"Forgive me, my lord! It's just that we need permission to use the healing potions because they're very valuable and powerful." The dog nurse was stammering with nervousness.

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