Chapter 26: The Demon Queen

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Tap tap tap

Gamadal tapped her finger on her armchair to express her boredom. As she sat in her seat, she watched as the other Demon Lords argued with each other.

"Why are we just sitting here when the new Demon King is out there?!" A demon Oni with blue hair boomed. "We should go find him, so we can finally destroy the humans!"

The Demon Lords were discussing the new Demon King that suddenly appeared. With this kind of news, this had to be debated by the higher-ups.

"Haven't you been listening, Regar?" A Dragon demoness with wild black hair questioned the blue-haired demon named Regar. "That so-called Demon King you're so eager to find is also a human. Because of that, he's probably already sided with those wretched hunters."

"Dragness is right, Regar." A demon wolf beast-kin agreed. "Our King is nothing but a half-breed. Getting him to assist us against the humans is no longer in the picture."

"Then what should we do, Drake?!" Regar asked the wolf demon in a fit of rage. "If our Demon King won't help us, then what should we do?"

The Wolf Demon shrugged his shoulders showing that he doesn't know.

"So, that's it, then?" Regar laughed. "The Great Beast Lord, Drake Hunter, doesn't know what to do? Then why are you here besides sitting on your furry ass?"

"Watch your tongue, fool, or I'll tear it off that head of yours!" Drake growled at Regar.

"Try it, fuzzball!"

Regar and Drake got out of their chairs and drew their weapons. The moment they did, Gamadal softly spoke.

"Enough." Although her voice was quiet, it spoke a thousand words that shook both Regar and Drake.

When those two heard Gamadal spoke, they stared at her with nothing but fear in their eyes. Gamadal then glared at the two Demon Lords with a malicious gaze.

Her stare sent shivers down both Demon Lords spine. They had no words to express what they were going through.

"Do you really think this was a time for your bickering?" Gamadal questioned them. "We have a new Demon King roaming around, yet you two would rather clash each other instead of thinking of a solution to this problem."

Gamadal was right. With this new Demon King on the loose, this was no time to fight each other.

Although Gamadal had a point, none of the other Demon Lords saw her coming up with any ideas. They all knew it but decided not to say anything so they wouldn't feel her wrath.

"By the way, where's Tromon and Kazath?" Gamadal wondered. "The meeting started five minutes ago, so where could they be?"

Knowing Tromon, he was likely running late on purpose. Kazath, on the other hand, would never miss a meeting like this.

Especially when the issue involved the demon races survival. He would be here in a heartbeat, yet he of all people was late.

Suddenly, the doors opened up and the remaining two Demon Lords finally showed up. On the right side was Tromon, The Demon Lord of Pride, and next to him was Kazath, The Phoenix Demon Lord.

Unlike Tromon who had a more human appearance aside from his horns, Kazath had the appearance of a bird. This was because his race was a Phoenix.

He looked like what you expected from a Firebird. He was covered with blazing feathers from head to toe, and his head showed a bird's head on fire.

"Where the hell have you two been?" Regar snarled at them. "Our meeting has already started!"

"Relax, Regar." Tromon tried to ease the Oni. "We know what the meeting was about, so you don't have to put us up to date."

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