Chapter 6: Griffins and Story Time

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For some reason, my demon form didn't seem to go away, so I had to disguise myself in order to not get noticed. All that I wore was a brown cloak to cover my body and face and wore gloves to cover my hands.

Once I got into my disguise, we headed out to go find my friends. When we left the palace, I saw that the top of the flat mountain was huge.

The surface palace only covered at least ten percent of the entire top and the other ninety percent was pure mountain rock. The palace was in the center of the mountain so it was pretty far away from the stairs that lead us down.

Luckily, we didn't have to walk all the way. There was a pen that contained griffins.

I read a book before about the mystical creatures known as griffins. They had the body of a lion and a tail and head of an eagle.

When I saw the griffin in front of me, it looked just like the one in the story. I saw its talons on the front side and noticed the hide was a lion.

I can't believe these guys have griffins. If Glenn saw this, he would pass out.

Glenn was a huge fan on griffins, he even wanted to fly one. Unfortunately, griffins are actually rare and riding them are only for people of high status like the king or general of an army.

There is a spell that allows you to summon a legendary beast like a griffin but you would have to train for years to master the spell. This was why Glenn became a magician in the first place, to be able to fly a griffin. 

I looked at the pen and saw that there were five griffins in total. They all had different colored legs so I'm guessing this is how they tell which one is which.

One of the Griffins showed an interest in me and approached. I don't know why but I also felt an interest in it too.

It was a griffin with black legs. It was about 9 feet tall and when it spread its wings out, it caused a breeze when it flapped.

It made a screeching sound and then rubbed its head against my face. What did I do to make it like me?

"Her name is Skye. She also goes by the name Shadowclaw because of her attribute to dark magic and the color of her legs."

Vemon explained to me who Skye was and walked over to her. When Skye saw Vemon, she looked happy and rubbed her head to Vemon's face like she did me.

"Skye used to be your father's pet and friend. After he died, Skye was devastated and was depressed for a few years." Vemon told me. 

Upon hearing my father, Skye whimpered and lowered her head. Wait, my father's dead?

"My father's dead?"

She looked at me as if she said something she shouldn't have. I pressed her to tell me what happened but she wouldn't say. Instead, it was Dyrom that told me.

"Two years after you were born, the entire demon race learned of your existence and your sister's and wanted to hunt you down. Your father knew about this and hid your mother, sister, and you somewhere far away so you wouldn't get hurt."

He started to hesitate but continue with the story.

"It seemed hiding you didn't work out because the demons found you. You were hiding in a village that was had a protective barrier against demons. This didn't work on the demons and they broke through the barrier. They killed everyone in the village including your mother."

This is my first time hearing this. My sister told me that my mom died because she got sick but it seemed that that was a lie too.

It's starting to be more clear that everything I knew was nothing but a lie and everyone who told me this or that is nothing but lies too. I'm sick of being lied to, for once I want to truth because so far, everything I've been through since the fight seemed true so I have no choice but to believe my mother was killed by demons.

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