Chapter 33: Changes With Surprises

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Once Steve and his team of kids were back at their base, they all went to their rooms to get some rest.

When Gabriel was unconscious after his training, none of them got a wink of sleep. Since they didn't sleep at all, Steve ordered everyone to go to bed and rest.

While Olivia and the other three went to their rooms, Gabriel stayed behind. Well, it wasn't their Gabriel but a shapeshifter that looks like him.

Steve and the others, as expected, didn't like this. The fact that there was a demon pretending to be one of his student who's also his nephew didn't sit well with him.

The worst part was that Gabriel came up with the idea about the shapeshifter acting like him. Steve just couldn't bring himself to like this plan.

"Hey, shouldn't you be going to bed?" Steve asked the fake Gabriel.

The shapeshifter glanced at Steve with a curious face.

"I'm not that tired," The fake Gabe told him. "Besides, shapeshifters don't really sleep that much."

Steve knew that well about shapeshifters not sleeping. He heard that it was because they consume a lot of magic energy in order to change forms.

In doing so, the magic energy also stimulates them to where they're full of energy. This gets rid of any need for sleep in the process.

Despite that, since the shapeshifter was being Gabriel, she needed to act like him.

"Go to sleep. Since you're the brat, you need to act like him, which means you need to listen to me."

The shapeshifter then glared at Steve. He was unfazed by this but was cautious.

"The only person I listen to is my King." The shapeshifter told him in a harsh tone.

"And if you want to fulfill your highness's wish," Steve began, "then you need to act the part. The real Gabriel would listen to me even if he wasn't tired."

Both of them glared at each other for a few seconds, and then the shapeshifter gave up and walked to her master's room.

Geez, Steve thought, what an annoying little demon brat.

If Steve could have it his way, he would've killed it, but he knew better than that. The problem was that he was going to have to deal with this all the time from now on.

He knew that the demon was only acting this way because of her loyalty to Gabriel, but it was going to be a pain in the ass to deal with. All Steve could do was sigh and walk to his office.

While he was heading towards his office, I saw a familiar face next to his door. It was Sarah, The Ice Queen.

"Has hell finally froze over?" Steve asked with a sly grin.

"Very funny," Sarah glared at him.

It was odd to see one of the Demon Slayers coming here. They usually don't do this unless there was an emergency.

This lead Steve to believe that something was wrong.

"So," He began, "why are you here?"

"Where were you for the past few days?" Sarah asked out of the blue.

"Demon extermination quests." Steve quickly replied.

"And it took almost a week to finish it?"

"There were some strong demons in the mix. We had to retreat and regroup, but we dealt with them soon after."

"I see."

Both Demon Slayers stood there in silence, staring at one another.

"You gonna tell me why you're here?" Steve finally asked.

"I'm here because I have some bad news for you," Sarah informed him. "Apparently, there's a demon calling herself The Demon Queen."

Steve's blood turned cold, and his body was frozen stiff. His expression may show someone who's nonchalant about this, but inside, Steve was beyond shocked to hear this.

"A Demon Queen? What's next, a Demon Prince or Princess?" Steve tried to make a joke.

"You know as well as I do that this isn't a good sign. Not only that, but it seems like The Demon Queen is at war with not only us but also The Demon King.

"The hell?" This was all Steve could say after hearing this.

What the hell is going on? There hasn't been any previous Demon Queen before, so this was strange.

"Anyway," Sarah continued. "That's all I had to say to you. See you later"

After Sarah was finished with her talk with Steve, she left the base and went back to hers.

Steve stood there for a moment and thought about the message she gave him.

"A Demon Queen, huh," Steve muttered to himself.

He suddenly thought of something that sent shivers all over his body.

. . . It couldn't be, right? There's no way that's possible.

Before Steve could finish his thought, he sensed someone was watching him. Luckily, he already knew who it was.

"I thought I told you to go to sleep, brat?" Steve scowled at the fake Gabe who was hiding.

"I was going to go to my master's room until I heard what that woman said," She admitted. "I'll have to inform my master about this."

Steve didn't say a word to the shapeshifter because I was still thinking about this Demon Queen that suddenly appeared. That's when he realized something.

"Let me tell Gabriel this," He told the shapeshifter. "He needs to hear this from me."

". . . I understand," The fake Gabriel acknowledged. "I'll inform Master Kyuu about this and tell her to send my King a message."

"Yeah, you do that."

The shapeshifter then walked away to give her report. Steve took one last look at her.

Although she looked like Gabriel, she was still walking like a girl due to her posture. Steve was worried about that and decided to talk to her about how she walks later on.

Once the fake Gabe was gone, Steve went into his office and sat down in his chair. He then continued to think about the Demon Queen.

It can't be a coincidence that a Demon Queen suddenly appears before them, right? Plus, this Demon Queen has to be the real deal since regular demons would never dare call themselves the Demon King or Queen.

This means that the Demon Queen was a descendant of the previous Demon King. If that's the case . . .

"This isn't going to end well at all, is it?" Steve asked himself while sighing deeply. 

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