Chapter 12: The New Demon King

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I told Vemon that once she was fully healed to call all the demons in the palace to report to the throne room. While she did that along with Alistair and Dyrom, I and the others went to the throne room and waited for all the demons to be accounted for.

When I went to the throne room, I was felt like an ant inside a house. This room was so spacious that it could hold at least a few hundred people.

From the entrance to the throne, there was a long red carpet. This must be for the king to show off his presence of something along those lines.

The roof was at least eighty to the ninety feet tall and was gleaming down on us. The floor was made out of smooth gray tile-like stone and the walls were partially black and had gold linings that went well with the wall.

When I saw the throne itself, I was in awe. The front of the throne was decorated in gold leather cushions and the material that made up the throne was made out of obsidian and was at the far back of the room that it was attached to the wall.

Sitting on it was pretty comfortable and I felt relaxed in it. This feels nice.

I looked at the others and they saw my satisfied look. Olivia and my friends were kind of scared since I was making that face but Kyuu and torgan thought it was normal since I'm the new king.

I was kind of nervous since this was going to be my official first meeting as the new king but I washed away all my stress and anxiety and focused on my plan. If this works then I don't have to worry about a few things.

I want to make sure that all the demons here will understand that I'm in charge and going against me would lead to deadly consequences. I knew that if I needed to get the demons to obey me, I need to show them my superiority and that's why I'm calling everyone here.

It took about thirty to forty minutes for all the demons to show up but as I suspected, they all showed up because of what I told Vemon. The reason I called all the demons here was that I'm going to make a few changes to the rules that they used to follow.

Some of them are easy to follow but there are a few that they probably don't like but I'll make sure that they'll follow my new rules. Whether they like it or not, I'm going to make sure that they follow my orders to the letter.

If things go south, I might have to demonstrate my power as their ruler and I'm not confident I can do it like before. I can't even remember how I did it the first time. 

I just did it without thinking and I was successful but doing it a second time will be difficult. I'll have to figure out a way to make sure that I can gain their loyalty without using my holy demon knight abilities.

As I looked at the room full of demons, I started to get nervous again. There sure was alot of them in one room.

There was also a big variety in types of demons. I saw beast folk like lizards, birds, lions, tigers, rats, cats, dogs, you name it, I'm seeing it. 

I also saw non-demon monsters like golems, elemental beings, even tree creatures like Spriggans, dryads, I even saw some guy in a cloak made out of leaves and moss. I didn't expect my father to be this . . . worshipped.

My head started to sweat like crazy but I tried to ignore it. I looked at my friends and they gave me the expression of "don't screw this up."

I thought of what I wanted to say to introduce myself and I started off like that. Here goes nothing!

I stood up from the throne and started the meeting.

"As you know, I am the son of Soxur, also known as your previous king. Since I am his son and he is no longer here, I will have to take his place." I announced with all my might trying not to stutter.

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