Chapter 38: The Call For Battle

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After the incident with the Lizardman and the Oni, I decided to get Vemon and the others to be on the lookout for any demons that are trying to rebel against me.

While they did that, I went back to my office to fill out some paperwork and also figure out what I was going to do about this whole situation.

Logically speaking, I could just act more strict and menacing towards the demons so they wouldn't try to betray me, but ruling them by fear wasn't my kind of thing. I know that some kings do that, but those types of Kings aren't what you call good.

They rule over people with fear, blackmail, and whatever else you can get their hands on. I want the demons to trust me out of their own free will, not by force.

The problem with that is the Demon Queen and how I've been doing my job. Since the Demon Queen showed up, some of the demons here have been thinking of joining her.

The reason why is obvious. It's because of how I'm acting as King.

When I took the role of the Demon King, I wanted to make sure that none of the demons would cause any harm to humans. So, I made a rule that restricted their play time on the human continent.

I also did that so that none of the demons would get captured and interrogated for information. This goes for other demons too, not just humans.

With the Demon Queen in the picture, any demon that roams around here will be at risk. I needed to make sure that no one would get caught.

Unfortunately, this caused a little tension with the demons. Since they didn't want to be holed up in the castle forever, naturally, they complained about it.

That's when I promised them that when we get both demons and humans to fear us, they would be allowed to do what they wanted to some extent. However, that promise hasn't been fulfilled yet.

I've been trying to figure out what to do to get people to fear me, but as you can see, that hasn't been working out for me. I really need to do something before things get hairy.

As I continued to ponder what to do about the problem in my office, Kyuu suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"I have news to report to you, Young Master."

"Uwahh!" I got startled and yelped. "O-oh, is that so? Then please tell me what it is."

I tried to play it off, but it was useless at this point. So, I ignored my plunder and allowed Kyuu to speak.

"Right, my recon team has picked up word on the Demon Queen."

The Demon Queen, huh. Every time I think about her, I can only see my dead sister.

No . . . I shouldn't be thinking about that right now.

I need to focus.

"What did they find out?" I asked, getting back on topic.

"It seems that the Demon Queen is planning to attack the humans to prevent the Summoning Ritual from taking place."

Huh? How are they going to pull that off?

Do they know that Gordan's the one that planned the whole thing? If that's the case, then doesn't that mean that Gordan's in danger?

I don't really care about Gordan, but if Carol's involved in this, I have no choice but to intervene.

"Does the Demon Queen know who's running the whole operation?" I asked Kyuu.

"Not to my knowledge or the others. It seems that they're just trying to take down as many powerful humans that might be connected."

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