Chapter 3: The Past Comes Back to Haunt Me

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As soon as we got back to the town, all I could see was fire, smoke, and blood everywhere. There was another thing I saw too, it was demons.

They were everywhere and they were killing the townspeople. Just looking at this brought back painful memories and it infuriated me.

I started to clench my fists as I watched the horror show in front of me. 

"Gabe!" Olivia was able to snap me out of my trance. Right, nows not the time to get scared, we need to get these people out of here.

I'm their leader so I need to give them orders. I had no time to think about my past, I needed to look at what's happening now.

"Allen and Glenn, I need you guys to get as many civilians as possible and get them out of here. Zoe will be with you to guard you against any demons that attack. Olivia and I are going to kill as many as these demons, so you guys can do your job better without any casualties." 

These were my instructions for them. With those orders, they sprung into action. Olivia and I started to find the nearest demon and attack them.

The first demon was saw was a demon beast folk. They're humanoid demons that have the features of an animal like having cat ears or a cat tail. 

The beast folk we fought was a humanoid bull. he didn't have the head of a bull but he did have the horns and attitude of one.

The guy was assaulting a woman dragging her out of a building. The woman was screaming and trying to get free but the bull guy was pulling on her hair with an iron grip.

For some reason, I found the nearest red blanket or cloak and called the bull. I have no idea why I did it, I just did for no reason.

"Hey, over here!" I hollered at the bull to get its attention.

When the bull saw us, he let go of the woman and charged at us with his horns charging at us. Not sure if that worked or not but I'll just say it did.

I dropped the red blanket and took out my sword. So did Olivia.

When the bull got close to us, its first target was me because I was the one who pissed it off. When it turned towards my direction, I jumped up before its horns could impale me and I dove down and stabbed it in its back.

That didn't seem to stop him because now he's trying to ring me of him. He was on all fours and started shaking around and jumping in an attempt to get me off him.

Since I was still holding onto my sword that was currently impaled into this guy, I didn't let go no matter what. Olivia then came in and started slashing at the bull demon.

Hey, I'm still on him! Be careful or you're gonna cut me too!

I didn't want to get cut by Olivia's katana because I've already experienced the pain it brings, so I let go of my sword and fell to the ground. The bull noticed I was off and stopped jumping around.

He pulled out my sword and tossed it aside. Hang on, how come my sword didn't harm him?

When a holy sword touches a demon, their skin burns due to the fact that they're weak against holy magic and holy weapons. For some reason, this demon didn't even show signs of being harmed by my sword.

This day's just getting weirder and weirder, huh? While Olivia was fighting the bull, I went to go get my sword so I could join in.

When I tried to pick up my sword, it started to burn my hand so I instinctively dropped it again. What the hell?

I tried to pick it up again and this time it didn't burn. What's going on?

I was too zoned in on what just happened that I totally forgot Olivia was still fighting the bull.

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