Chapter Seventeen

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      Taking a deep breathe in, and slowly releasing it out as I let Cassandra take full control of me. Most wolves have issues with their wolves being in control, but I do not. Cassandra is me and I am her. We know each other and we know what needs to happen, and tonight we need to get our siblings. As I open my eyes, she looks around us to see who is there and what is lurking in the trees ahead. Her eye sight is sharper and clearer and longer than mine, and that is what we need right now. I have noticed about 20 wolves have shifted to give us that advantage if it is needed. You cannot hear a werewolf walking towards you, even another werewolf, because our paws are swift on the ground and quiet from our padding.

    I pause for a moment, and hold my hand up signal for everyone to stop walking. Cassandra is looking throughout the trees and bushes in front of us, and she feels that something is off.

"We need to be cautious," she says to everyone. "Something does not feel right here."

"No, it does not Hailey," Derrick says.

"Cassandra," she says to Derrick. "I am Cassandra, while originally Athena. Hailey gave me full control because I have stronger senses then she does and neither her nor I want anything to happen to you or anyone."

    He hesitates for a moment before nodding. I do not think he understands how she can be in control and not be aggressive towards everyone. Most werewolves are known to go mad when their wolf takes full control, but I am different. Cassandra is much older than anyone here now and she knows what is expected of her and me. Tonight, is one of those times. Not everyone here knows what or whom I am, but if I need to show my true self then I will.

As we all walk through the forest towards the dungeon on the Moonlight territory. We have not come across a werewolf or even a scent of one yet, and that makes Cassandra, and myself, very nervous. Even if this is not sitting well with me I know we need to keep going. Cassandra has checked on our siblings making sure they are all still alive and in the same location, which they are. Everything is going as plan so far, but no one wants to be too excited because we never know what will be waiting at the dungeon when we arrive there, which we about 200 feet away from the clearing that the dungeon is located at.

Coming up in the clearing, I raise my hand to get everyone to stop. We need to look around to make sure everything is clear. Looking around I see the small shack looking building. It has one door and two windows on the side that is facing us. There is a light on inside but there is blinds that are closed blocking our view. I don't see anyone moving around inside but I am sure there is someone inside. I need to get closer to know how many are inside. But something is keeping me here. I do not know what is waiting for me, something or someone is waiting for us.

"We should shift Cassandra," I tell her. She doesn't need any more convincing and starts her shift. The pain from shifting is not as painful as it was the first shift. The bones know where and what to do and I know what to expect now. The feeling of being in my true form is the most exhilarating feeling one can have. Cassandra, Athena as her sibling wolves know her, is her strongest, strength-wise, in wolf form. We are both strong and powerful but when we need strength over power, we become our true self.

"I don't see anyone," she says to me. "But something stills feels off to me. We all need to be careful."

Cassandra looks to our right to where Derrick is standing and nudges him with her head. She can since his wolf but knows that we all need to be alert right now. He looks at us and pets us.

"Did he just pet us?" I ask Cassandra.

"Yes," she purrs, but also looks at him and then at the shed to give him the warning of being cautious.

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