Chapter Eighteen

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    Standing outside the safe house that is about 40 miles south of the Bloodstone pack, listening to the birds chirping and the rabbits rustling through the forest floor. I remember when I was a young pup playing in our front yard listening to the sounds of the forest. My father always told me, "listen before talking, and see before walking because as a wolf anything could be waiting for you out there." I never understood what he was saying until now. Everything seems different, everything doesn't look or sound right. Outside in the open forest is right but I have a feeling deep inside of me that says something is not right in this situation.

     Smelling the sweet scent of wintergreen and pine overpower my nostrils and I know who is walking towards me without looking.

"Derrick, I," I start to say to him before he raises his hands to stop me.

"Let me say something first Hailey," he says to me and I nod. He takes a deep breath in while running his hands through his short-disheveled hair. He takes long strides to stand in front of me, and grabbing my hands, which sends tingles up my arm. I try not to let it affect me, but the sensation makes me shiver from the excitement of his touch. The sides of his mouth curving up is the only thing that lets me know he noticed it. He clears his throat before speaking again.

"First, yes you have to same effect on me. I am drawn to you on every level Hailey. I want you and I need you. My wolf needs you both, I know that we have been focusing on this situation with your siblings, but I want you to know that I want to spend some time alone with you to know you and hopefully make our bond stronger." While saying this his eyes have changed to a golden color letting me know that his wolf is coming out and everything he is saying is the truth. When it comes to our mates, our wolves cannot lie to one another; it is something that strengthens our bonds. I can feel the slight trimmer in his hands, very slight trimmer that he tries to hide from me. He looks away for a moment, his eyes returning to the hazel color that I have admired over the past few days.

"Second, I know that we are here to save your siblings, and I will stand beside you through all it, but....." he starts to say before taking a deep breath and releasing my hands. He hasn't dropped his eyes from mine, yet. "I do not trust anyone here. It is not the bond speaking, maybe a little, but I do not trust them. I needed to tell you and explain my reasoning's."

"OK," I say. I don't know what else to say. Feeling anger rising inside me, not just from myself but from Cassandra. I can feel her edging closer to the surface to take control, if she needs too. "What do you mean?" my voice sounding more venomous than I was meaning it to be. He flinches but conceals it by squaring his shoulders before speaking again.

"I mean that someone in that house is not who they say they are," he says with a pointed look on his face. "Every part of my body is telling me to take you away from here to keep you safe. Being an Alpha makes it worse, but it is the truth. The whole escape last night went too smooth and you and I both know this is true."

     I nod my head, agreeing with what he said. I know that last night was too easy and someone in there is not my sibling, but I don't know how to tell who is lying to me and who is telling the truth.

"I will try to see who is lying to us Hailey," Cassandra says to me. "We each have a secret that is only between the two of us and if they cannot answer my question correctly than we will know."

"OK. I will let Derrick know," I tell her. Looking at Derrick I tell him, "Cassandra thinks she knows how to figure out who is who. We will start when their wolves have strengthened enough."

"We can do that," he says. "But I need you to stay safe. I cannot lose you Hailey." He sighs while running is fingers through his unruly hair. I do not think he has every looked more incredible and handsome than he does right now. I want to be the one to run my hands through his dark brown hair.

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