Chapter Twelve

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Everyone was quiet on the drive to Silvermoon territory after the explosion at the gas station. My mind has been racing trying to figure out how that happened. Why were the witches trying to kill as many werewolves as they could before they found me? Knowing that I needed to warn everyone about the treat coming, but I didn't know how to tell everyone without giving away to much detail. Maybe I could tell them that I had a dream from the Moon Goddess and she wanted me to warn everyone. No, I don't think that would work. That would raise even more questions.

I could always try and say I overheard someone talking at the gas station but I didn't know where it was coming from. Yes, that sounds better. OK now I need to get more details on 'what if's'. I could tell them that I was coming out of the bathroom to tell......

"Earth to Hailey," Thomas says while waving his hand in front of my face.

"What?" I ask looking at him and Malcolm.

"We are about to enter Silvermoon territory. Don't say anything until we have a chance to talk to Alpha Derrick. We need to all discuss what happened at the gas station, OK?" Thomas tells me.

"OK. Will it be us and Alpha Derrick or will there be more?" I ask. I need to know so I can decide how far this story needs to go. I don't want to give myself away just yet.

"Just the Alpha. We don't need a lot of people knowing about this," Malcolm states.

"OK." Not knowing what else to say. I am at a loss here and Cassandra has been on edge since then and she is only getting worse. All I want to do right now is eat, shower, and sleep. But this conversation is going to happen first.

I look out the window as we turn down a narrow driveway. Trees line both sides of the path and I know there are wolves in these trees. I can feel them starring at us and following us through the forest. Malcolm and Thomas sense it too.

"Don't say a word," is the only thing Malcolm says to us. We both nod knowing all the wolves in the forest around us can hear us. It is still dark out, but the moon gives us enough light to see. We have better eye sight at night than humans, which I am thankful for right now. Seeing the house in the distance makes me think back to the time I walked up to Bloodmoon pack house. But this house was better than theirs. I didn't think a house could look more beautiful than this. It was a mansion in the middle of the forest. It had a brick exterior with about 20 windows on the front. Four stories tall and a curved driveway gave it an old cottage feel but on a larger scale. The yard surrounding the house, no mansion, was perfectly cut and all the bushes were trimmed and in perfect placement. Someone definitely likes things symmetrical around here.

I was admiring the surrounds when the SUV came to a stop in front of my new home. It is hard to believe that I will be staying here for a while, at least until this war is over. I noticed three men standing in front of the house. The male standing in the center was about 6'4 with dark brown hair, almost black, green eyes that were staring at me which made a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. He had on a black t-shirt that looked to be too small due to his muscles showing through the whole shirt. Between his abs and arm muscles, I didn't know where to look. He had some stubble on his jaw line, proving he hasn't shaved in a couple days, messy hair and his brows where furrowed together as he continued to stare at me through the window. I slowly turn my gaze to the man on his left, he was the same height and size as the other guy but he had blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a squared jaw line that was shaved. He was handsome but not as good-looking as the other guy. Which leaves the third guy on the far right; I only get a quick glance at him because Thomas opens his door.

That is when the most amazing smell hits me. It is a wintergreen and pine scent; I sniff the air again to make sure I was not losing my mind.

"MATE," Cassandra says as I hear a growl from outside the SUV and by the time I turn my head to see who it is my door was swung open and stood the most handsome man I have ever seen. Yes, the 6'4 brown hair green eyed man was standing in front of me starring into my eyes. Neither one of us could move or speak; we stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever before someone cleared their throat.

"Not to rush you Alpha, but we should get her inside," says the blonde guy. Alpha Derrick nods and reaches his hand up to help me out of the SUV. I didn't want to take it, but by the sound of his growl I did. I look at him not sure what to make of him just yet.

"Thank you," I say to him with a slight smile. I look past him to see Malcolm and Thomas watching us both.

"You're welcome beautiful. What is your name?" Alpha Derrick asks me.

"Hailey. Hailey Burns, Alpha," I replied. I can't look at him, my heart is racing and my legs are weak, and I am trying to walk up the stairs to the front door.

"Derrick. You will call me Derrick, mate," he states in a dominate tone. I nod not sure what else to say to him.

"Should we head to your office Alpha Derrick to discuss everything?" Thomas asks.

"No, we can talk about things after you have all rested for the night. I will show Hailey to her room while Joshua, my Beta, shows you two to your rooms," Derrick tells them while putting his hand on my lower back to guide me through the front door.

"Thank you," I say to him with a smile. As I turn to see where I am going I gaze around the hallway that we are in. It is a large entrance room with the staircase to the left and right of us and a long hallway straight ahead. Derrick pushes me towards the left staircase as he leans into my ear and says, "I will show you around tomorrow, but now you need your rest."

"OK," I say in a soft whisper. I am tired from the long drive but I also want to explore this beautiful home of my mate. My mate, which is another thing. I look over at him as we walk up to the third floor, I can't believe the Moon Goddess gave me him. He is handsome in every light and angle, I did not think a man to could be beautiful but he is. As we reach the third floor he takes me down the long hallway to the left of the landing.

"Our, the Betas, and third in command bedrooms are on the third floor. Our rooms are down this hallway, while their bedrooms are down that hallway," he says while pointing behind us to the other hallway that was to the right of the landing.

"Am I going to share a room with you now? I know you are my mate, but I am not ready to fully mate just yet," I tell him while looking down at the hardwood floor. He stops us in the center on the hallway and takes one finger under my chin to get me to look at him. I slowly raise my eyes to meet his; while his jaw is clenched tight and his brows are furrowed together, his eyes are showing love, sadness, and regret maybe.

"We will not do anything until you are ready Hailey. We will have separate rooms until we are fully mated and you become my Luna. Do you understand?" he tells me.

"Yes I understand. Thank you," I reply to him with a smile. I breathe out relief at what he said. He will wait until I am ready which is exactly what I need. I have to wait to do anything with him until I find my siblings. I need to be strong for them and for the werewolves. I don't want to hind this from him but one day I will explain this all to him and hopefully he will understand. If he doesn't then I will have to make him understand that I was doing this to protect my family and everyone I loved, including him. I wouldn't say I love him today, but I know the mate bond will bring us closer to each other and make it difficult not to love each other. We can't reject each other, if we do will never be able to mate with another. You have one mate and one mate only. The Moon Goddess never gets mates wrong, ever.

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