Chapter Sixteen

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Sitting here listening to everyone give their opinions on what or how we should proceed with this mission; I am left thinking about why my old pack would do this. I would have never guessed they would go this low in trying to gain more power over the other packs. But the truth is they would never have any power because the witches wanted to control us and they are included in this plan. They have no idea that the witches want to control all of us, or maybe they do know and were told that they will have some control over us, but I don't believe it. I can't understand how they can do this to their own kind. We are special creatures and they are destroying us for power.

As I am staring out of the window I hear Derrick saying, "This is the best plan of attack."

"We need to go at night to make sure it is clear," says Thomas.

"They will not have as many patrols at night, so wolves can spend time at home with their families," I say while still looking out the window.

I turn around and survey the group of men sitting in the office. I know we have to come up with the best strategy and the best opportunity to get everyone out safely. I don't want to lose anyone or get anyone hurt but this is an attack and injuries will happen.

"OK. Night time will work, but we still take a large group with us just in-case they decide to have more patrols," Derrick says. "They have been watching you since you were a pup Hailey, and I will not let anything happen to you. We will use every precaution on this mission to get you and your siblings out safely."

"I know you are worried Derrick," I tell him as I take his hands into mine. "But I will be fine out there. I promise you this." Looking into his eyes, I see the worry and unknowing in them.

"I know," Derrick says, "but everything inside of me is telling me to lock you up here to keep you safe. I am an Alpha and that makes my protectiveness heighten when it comes to my mate. I need you to be safe and I need you to come back with me. Can you promise me one thing?"

"What?" I ask.

"That you will stay by my side the entire time we are there?" Derricks says to me. The look in his eyes is intense and shows the strength he has, but it also shows compassion and love, possibly.

"I will try," I say. "I know it will be difficult out there, and I will keep myself safe, that I can promise. I can shield us all to keep the witches magic from getting to us, but I need you to be safe as well."

"I will Hailey. I promise I will stay safe," Derrick says to me.

"OK," I say to Derrick. "When do we leave?" I say to everyone in the room.

"We leave in two days," Malcolm says. "We need to gather enough wolves to take with us. We can't communicate with Alpha James, and that means we have to take whoever we can and the amount we will need with us."

"Joshua," Derrick says, "get all of our warriors together and find out how many want to go on this mission with us. They do not have to go, but if I don't get enough to volunteer I WILL make it an order. Is that clear?"

"Yes Alpha," Joshua states while bowing his head at Derrick. As he leaves the room I look at the maps with all the plans mapped on it. Everything looks good so far, but I cannot take any chances on this mission. We have to get in and get out quickly before anyone notices.

For next two days, we worked out every detail of the plan; from the entry point to the exit. Discussions were made with all the warriors and changes were made when needed. Alpha James was able to call yesterday to inform us that my father had left, but he was still concerned with what he knew. We had to move tonight. We left first thing this morning, well more like late last night, to make it to Bloodstone territory before nightfall.

Making it to Bloodstone territory was the easiest part of this mission. We made sure no one was following us and had different routes because having many vehicles were coming into the territory that is neighbors to the enemy that we are going to take down. We all came onto Bloodstone at different points and different times.

Going over the plans with Bloodstone pack to make sure we are all going to be doing this the same way and no one will get hurt. With everyone standing in the clearing in-front of the pack house, I decided this is the time to address everyone on this mission.

"Excuse me, I need everyone's attention," I try yelling over everyone, which is about 100 wolves, and it was not working.

Alpha James whistles, "QUIET NOW!" he states he an Alpha tone to get everyone's attention, and everyone stopped speaking immediately. "Hailey needs to speak to us all and you will give her your full attention as if she was me." He looks around the crowd to make sure everyone understands, and they all nod to let him know that they each understand.

"Thank you, Alpha James," I say to him, "and thank you all for being here tonight. I know this is a lot to ask of everyone to be here and to go on this mission for me to get my siblings that none of you know. I also know that I am keeping you from your families tonight, but I promise that this is what we need, no, we HAVE to do. There are people out there that want to hurt all of us, but mostly me. They want to take me down and with taking myself out they will take control of every pack on this continent. We will not let this happen. We will win today, we will get my siblings, and when we do this we will finally be able to take these witches out along with Moonlight pack. I only ask everyone to stay close and keep an eye out and ear for anything different. Most importantly I want each and every one of you know that I am very thankful and love each one you for risking everything to help me when you didn't have too."

"We are not getting emotional right now," Alpha James states, everyone including myself laugh at this. "Now, is the time to start this mission and everyone knows what you need to do. Keep in eyesight of everyone. No one; and I mean no one, should not be out of eye sight of anyone. Is that clear?" Everyone including myself nods at him. I turn around to look at Derrick, I need him to be close to me but not too close. If someone sees us together they will know who he is to me, and they will get him. I need him safe as much as I need my family safe. This will be a short night but I don't want to lose anyone close to me. As we start our walk to the forest and my beautiful meadow, I think about my siblings and let Cassandra connect with them one last time before we get them out of that dungeon. It doesn't take Cassandra long to find them and they know we are coming.

Now is the time to show my family who I really am. Hailey Burns they used to know is gone and a new one has come out to play tonight.

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