Chapter Three

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After 30 minutes of resting I decide it was time to move on from this spot. I had no idea where I was headed, but I knew I could not stay here. My wolf, Cassandra, wanted me to get farther away from my old pack. She did not feel safe around them, for now at least.

"Why did you wait this long to show yourself?" I asked.

"Because I am not what I seem. I am not like all the other wolves," Cassandra stated.

"Well, you are a wolf. I saw the paws and heard my barks! What are you?"

"I am an original wolf. One of the first wolves descended from the Moon Goddess herself."

"How? What are you saying?"

"Let me explain before you ask more questions. When the Moon Goddess decided that Earth needed to be, balanced you can say, she made werewolves. We were made to make a balance between humans and witches. The witches over powered the humans and they had no protection from the witches. The Moon Goddess made werewolves, part human part wolf, to protect the human race. Wolves cannot be hurt or effected by the witches and can also kill a witch if they are threatening a human. For the longest time we were seen but not heard from with the humans. After 100 years, the witches had stopped threatening the humans. Because of this the Moon Goddess decided the werewolves did not have to be as powerful or strong as once before. The werewolves today are still stronger than humans but not powerful enough to stop the witches as they used too."

"What do you mean by powerful?" I asked. Not sure if I wanted to know the answer to this question but I needed to know what my wolf was capable of.

"Powerful as in magic. We were able to use magic to shield ourselves along with people around us. Before we shift we do not have this power, therefore, mothers or older werewolves would protect the young if any threat would arrive. Being from the original werewolves I am able to not only shield but also control to elements around me. Earth, wind, fire, and water. These powers are only used to protect ourselves and the humans. No one has ever used these powers for bad or against someone that was not a threat to us or humans. It is very important that you understand that. The Moon Goddess will punish those that do wrong."

"Am I able to use these powers as well, or just you in wolf form? If I can use them, when do I start to learn how to use the powers of element as you call it?" I asked. My thoughts are all over the place. Does this mean that I am more powerful than an Alpha? Why would the Moon Goddess choose me, a nobody weak loser to be this powerful wolf. What would make her bring an original back now? Is something going on that we have no idea about, if so, we need to warn everybody of this threat and....

"Just slow down Hailey! One question at a time please," Cassandra interrupted my thoughts.

"Sorry, just a lot to take in at one time. I mean I spent the last month being told I am a loser, weak human, and no good only to find out that I am a powerful ORIGINAL WEREWOLF!!" I explain. My anxiety kicking in right about now. I need to calm myself before I start hyperventilating.

"Calm down Hailey. I promise you that the Moon Goddess would not have gifted you with me if she did not see you worthy of me. She saw how strong and independent you are. I know what everyone has said to you, I was with you. I could not shift because my power would be released. I need to control this power. No one can know about me being an original wolf. And I mean NO ONE! People would want to take you and make you do things for evil and we cannot do that."

"Ok. I understand, tell no one. But do you look different from the other wolves? I didn't get to see all of you, so I want to know if by looking at you they will know I am different?"

"No. I am the same size and color as other wolves. I am a white wolf, which is rare but they do come along from time to time. The only difference is my eye color. I can change the color of our eyes just like every other wolf, but when our power comes forth our eyes turn violet. When that happens, everyone will be able to feel our power and strength as well. That is why we only let this happen when it is absolute necessary."

"How will I know when it is necessary? I don't know how to fight or anything. Will I be able to tell my mate about this? Well, if we have a mate."

"Hailey listen to me. You will be strong enough for this. I will help you train. Between the two of us we will complete what the Moon Goddess has set for us to do. We can and we WILL do this. As for a mate, yes we do have one. Where and when we meet him, I do not know, but we will decided if he is worthy enough to know this side of us. He has to earn our trust enough to learn that fact. Do you understand?"

"Yes." I said.

I have to been traveling south for some time now. I did not know how long we were "talking" but the sun was starting to fade into the sky. I hated night time due to the fact I couldn't protect myself from the unknowns of the forest. Now that I have Cassandra, it shouldn't be so bad, right.

Well, I was wrong. I did not realize that there was a werewolf territory between Moonlight and human territory. That was until I heard him yell at me.

"Stop right there, rouge," said a male voice.

I froze, unsure what to say or do. Before me stood a tall man, 6'3 maybe. He had tan skin with a square jaw line. Brown hair and blue eyes that anyone could get lost in. He was muscular, more in an athletic way instead of a body builder way. His eyes had warning in them. He did not like that I have trespassed on his territory.

"Why are you here on Bloodstone territory? Did you get lost she-wolf?" he asked. Possibly the beta of this pack due to the power I am sensing from him.

"IIII am ssssorry. I did not know that there was a pack here. I am heading for the human territory. I will leave right now. Please, I mean no harm to anyone. I'm just passing through," I said in a nervous tone. I was scared and they knew it. They could sense my fear.

"My name is Patrick, Pat for short, I am the Beta of Bloodstone. I do mean to scare you, but we have had many rouges come through here." He states in a calming voice. "May I ask why you are headed to the human territory when you are a wolf?" Pat was joined by two other wolves. They were tall and tan skinned just like Pat. One on the right, Thomas, had black hair and brown eyes, a square jaw line that matched his muscular body. The other man, Phillip, had blond hair with hazel eyes, but a rounder face than the other two. He was very muscular, definitely worked out a lot more than those two.

"Tell them that you left your pack because they were abusive towards you. Don't tell them because you didn't have your wolf," Cassandra tells me.

"I left my pack. I wanted a fresh start somewhere new and I thought I could do that in the human territory," I stated.

"What pack?" Pat asked.

"Moonlight," I whispered. I did not want them to know where I am at. "Please, do not tell them I am here. I promise I am only passing through. Please," I begged them.

"I will not say anything, but a she-wolf should not be out here alone in the night. Follow us to meet our Alpha and he will decide what to do. I cannot guarantee anything, ok?" Pat stated, well more asked the last part.


The one warrior, Thomas is his name, went ahead of us. While Phillip followed behind Pat and I towards their pack house. Hopefully this Alpha is kinder than my last one. 

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