Chapter Eight

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Getting out of bed today I had a smile on my face and determination in my mind. I knew what I needed to do and I wasn't going to stop till I got it. During my shower I made a mental check list on what Cassandra and I needed to do today.

1. Relax our minds and body.

2. Find our weaknesses

3. Figure out where this power is at

4. Become one with nature

According to Cassandra, I need to understand nature to understand my powers. While rinsing my conditioner out of my hair I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

"I'm in the shower," I yelled to whoever was knocking.

"Oh good. James wants you to join us for breakfast when you are ready," says Shelia from the other side of the bathroom door. "Well, you have like 10 minutes to get down to the dining hall before he comes after you." Laughing at the last part.

Laughing with her, "Let me dry off and get dressed real quick. Thanks Shelia," I tell her.

"No problem Hay."

I smile at the nickname she gave me. I used to hate that nickname, but coming from her I love it. Not sure why that is, maybe because I know she is a true friend and not someone trying to be nice to me because I am the Beta's daughter. I shrug my shoulders while wrapping the towel around my body to walk to the huge closet. I will never get used to this closet, I mean who needs this much space for clothes. I do not. I might be a teenage girl, but I do not need that many clothes. A few jeans, t-shirts, dress shirts, shorts, and two dresses are all I need to survive.

Deciding blue jeans and an over-sized t-shirt with black converse is the perfect outfit for the day. Casual but comfortable at the same time. Brushing my tangles out, having straight hair is a plus; I head down stairs to the dining hall for breakfast.

The aroma of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, maple syrup, and toast feel my nose and my stomach growls at the approval. We never had this good of meals at my old pack. We always had to make our own meals because my mother hated to cook unless Alpha and Luna were over then she would put on her "happy housewife" face and make everything seem perfect, which it wasn't.

As I enter the room, it is only the Alpha, Luna, Beta Pat and Shelia, along with Thomas. I smile at them all as I make my way over to the table.

"Good morning Hailey," Luna Teresa greets me.

"Good morning Lu... Teresa and Alpha James," I say to them each giving me a smile. "Good morning Pat, Shelia, and Thomas."

They all say 'Good Mornings' as we make our plates. We shared small talk while eating, well, mainly Alpha James and Pat talked, and we all listened.

Alpha James clears his throat after he is done eating. "Hailey, how are with fighting?"

"Ummmm.... I wasn't allowed to train at my old pack. They said I would get hurt and they didn't want the Beta's daughter to get hurt. They said," I told him. Not mentioning that I didn't train because I didn't have my wolf.

"Well, you will start training tomorrow then. Everyone in THIS pack trains, no matter your status," he states. I give him a nod of approval.

"Will it be ok if I went to the meadow today? I wanted to see it and also have some time to think, quietly, if you don't mind," I ask Alpha James.

"Of course, I know you have been through a lot the last couple of days and I want you to be comfortable here with us. I do ask that you stay in the meadow, though. Do not go into the woods because I cannot protect you there," he says.

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