Chapter Ten

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Six months later......

It has been a long journey to where I am now. I cannot believe in the short time I have been at Bloodstone pack I have come this far. I can now run three miles in four minutes and six seconds, lift 280 pounds and squat the same amount. My muscles have toned out because of the physical training. Most importantly, I have learned all four elements. It took a lot of patience and practice but Cassandra and I have mastered them.

Everything is great. I might have fallen into a routine but I am OK with that. Every weekend I go out on a "girl's night" as they all call it. We have dinner and talk way too much and laugh about everything. Most of the night is mate free but as werewolves, our mates don't like to be away from us for too long. No, I have not found my mate, but I am not giving up on it just yet.

Alpha James has asked me to meet him in his office today to talk about something privately. I am a little nervous about what this could be. I made sure to do all the chores around the house when I am assigned and haven't complained about anything. I do not like to get into everyone else's business, so I am unsure what it could be. I think about everything it possibly could be while walking to his office.

Knock Knock

"Come in," Alpha James says. I open the door to see him along with Luna Teresa sitting at his desk.

"Hello Alpha and Luna," I say. Not sure what else to say to them. My heart was racing inside my chest and my palms are sweating as I look at my Alpha and Luna. Seeing the sadness in their eyes only makes this worse.

"Hailey, we need to let you know about the latest news going around the packs. Moonlight pack, your old pack, is searching for you. Their Beta, your father, is going around all the local packs looking for you. We are on this list. He will be here in three days, Hailey," Alpha James says to me.

"No.....No No NO! I will NOT go back there. You can't make me go back there. Please Alpha James d," I say before Luna Teresa stops me by holding up her hand.

"Hailey, please sit down. We would never send you back to that awful place called a pack, ever. We talked about this yesterday and we decided to get you out of here before your father shows up here. James has a cousin in Wisconsin that will take you into his pack. He is the Alpha and we explained everything to him. He agrees that you need to stay away from them and he will continue your training as well," she says while taking my hands into hers. "We don't want to lose you Hailey, but we don't want to risk your father finding you here. You will ALWAYS be welcome here. No matter what you are a part of this family now and we always protect our own. OK?"

"OK," I whisper to her. I wipe a lone tear from my cheek before looking at them both again. "When do I leave? Which pack am I going too?" I ask.

"You leave in the morning. Thomas and Malcolm will be taking you up there. You have the rest of today to pack everything and I and Shelia will help you, if that is alright with you?" Teresa asks me with a sad smile. I nod.

"Silvermoon pack," Alpha James states. Teresa and I just stare at him not sure what he is talking about.

"The pack that you will be going. Alpha Derrick is my cousin and he will be expecting in two days, with that said, you need to get to packing because he does not like to be waiting for too long. He can be an asshole at times," Alpha James says.

"James! You do not need to say things like that to her. Are you trying to make her terrified of Derrick before she even gets there, huh?" she yells at Alpha James.

"No, I.." Alpha James started to say.

"Then don't say anything else. You will only make this worse than it already is," she says to Alpha James. Teresa turns to me and asks, "Are you ready to start packing?"

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