Chapter Twenty Two

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It is known throughout the years, that there will come a day when the most powerful wolf will join us again. She will be able to use all the elements; fire, wind, water, and earth. She will be able to control us all, and stop us all including we witches. She has to be stopped, but we have to stop her mating. As many know the tail of her mate; he was able to control those elements as well; though not as powerful, but he could. This is said to happen because she is different, theirs wolves are different, they become one, what she feels, he feels, what she wants, he wants, what she does, he does. It will not end until their death. We must find her mate before she does, which will be difficult, but we must stop this for us all.

This cannot be happening. How can he have MY powers, or at least a part of my powers? I know this because we tested it. I had him think of a fire in the trash can and it happened, a small one, but it still happened.

"We need to talk to someone about this now," Derrick said. He has been pacing all morning since we woke up. Neither of us knowing what to do. How could a wonderful and beautiful night turn so quickly in just a few short hours?

"Who?" I asked. "Who do we tell or even ask?" I don't know if we should be telling anyone this secret right now.

"I don't know," he says, releasing a breath. "Who do we trust enough that will know what this is?"

Neither of us know the answer to this. How could this have happened? Were we bound to have this happen to us or is this something new that is more powerful than before?

"It is not new Hailey," Cassandra says to me.

"What do you mean?" I ask her.

"Because this happened the last time I mated," she tells me.

"The last time? I didn't know you had a mate all those years ago," I tell her.

"I did," she says. "There is something that you and our mate need to know. I will tell you both," she says before taking over.

"Hello Derrick," she says. He gives us a questioning look.

"I am Cassandra," she tells him, which makes him relax slightly. "I need to tell you both something and this is the easiest way for me to tell you both. Please do not interrupt me. It will be a lot to take in, but you need to hear it." He nods in agreement.

"OK," she says before clearing our throat. "A long time ago, when I was first born, I was, and still am, the most powerful being on Earth. No one could defeat me, not even the witches. I had nature on my side when they did not, and they did not like it. As witches, they were the ones that should have the abilities that I have, but it did not happen. Something changed when my siblings and I were born. For years the witches tried to kill us, but they could not get close enough to us. It made them furious. How could something that was a birth right to them be taken away and given to wolves? The truth is that they were not using their magic the way the Gods wanted them to use it. So they decided to give it to someone that will use it correctly. Now the witches still had powers, but nothing that could bring down empires like my siblings and I. They tried and failed many times. There were rumors, as you say, about how we were all destined to have mates like all other wolves, but we did not know for sure. We were different, we were gifted to our mother for a purpose, with that we all assumed we did not have mates. It wasn't until Iris found her mate that we all knew we had them. But something was different about him after they completed their bond. He could sense things more and could hear a conversation from miles away. It was odd, and our mother thought so too. She asked around and found the answers from the Gods. We were all told about this, what has happened between us, but no one received any powers from their mate. They were just enhancements to what we wolves could already do. Some were faster than before, some had better hearing and sight, but none shared our powers. Until my mate came. It was wonderful time for us all, we all were finally happy and our mother was proud that she could see her offspring bring more into our pack. That was until I finally completed the bond with my mate. We did not see any changes to our normal abilities, which thought is what would happen. Phillip, my mate then, became upset that he did not improve and he thought about burning everything to the ground. That is when it happened. A small fire started in front of him. And we all stood there watching this small fire. No one knew who started, until he looked at us all with a smile. He said that he did it. We could not believe him, because that is not what we were told, but it did. When he said out loud this time that he wanted water to put out the fire, it came for him. My mother and siblings were all concerned by this. None us could believe that I could share my gifts with my mate, but I could. It wasn't till that evening the Gods sent word to us that only I can share my gift with my chosen mate, the one that they have chosen and believe to be worthy of these gifts. The only thing is they chose wrong with Phillip. He did not use my gifts for the good they were meant to be used for. He would parade around our village showing his gifts to everyone, and making people weaker than him feel depleted. He was an evil man with an evil agenda after he realized what he had. As a mate, you want no harm to come to them, and losing a mate is worse than death itself. I knew he needed to be stopped, and I spoke with my mother and we came up with a plan on how to defeat him without killing him. All of my siblings and their mates joined me in my hut late one evening. My mate was asleep, and we trapped him in his bed. He was angry and tried to burn the branches but we thought of everything beforehand. We trapped him long enough for me to break the bond. I stated the words no wolf wants to hear, but I had to do it. I told him that I, Athena, break the bond with Phillip for all eternity. I chose to not love thee and to set him free of our bond. He was furious, but it worked. His powers went away because our bond was no more. The pain I felt from losing him was more than any one wolf should bear. I told my mother that I did not want to feel that pain again, and I did not. The Gods did send another my way but I declined in fear of what happened the last time. No one wolf needed to have my powers, or any powers that were not gifted to them. I know that sounds selfish, but who could blame me. The story of Phillip spread throughout all the villages, everyone knew about my mate and how lucky it would be to be my mate. That was another reason I did not want another one. Over the years, wolves quit trying to be mate, and the story died with it. But it was not forgotten. I was not forgotten. I am telling you both this because the witches know what will happen if you both fully bond. They will come after you Derrick. No one can know what has happen here last evening. I can mask both of your scents and no one will able to smell the bond. You CANNOT TELL ANYONE! I am urging you both to listen to that. It will be very difficult for you both and both of your lives will be in danger more than they already are."

Cassandra took Derricks hands in hers and looked him the eyes and told him, "Stay with us, do not follow in Phillips steps and protect what is yours now." She kissed him and before allowing me to take over.

I do not know what to say and this moment. We stare at each other, how something private and wonderful could turn into something the entire world fears. It doesn't make sense. How can we change this? How do we make it to where everyone does not fear us?

Derrick was about to speak when we both heard a car coming towards the house. It had to be Alpha James, he was the only person Derrick told where we would be last night. As the car nears we see him. He looks terrified, he barely stops the car before jumping out running towards the front. Looking at each other we run to meet him there. He doesn't get to knock before we swing the door open.

"It's here," he spits out between breaths. "They are here. You both need to come now. I hope you are ready Hailey, because the war has just belong."

I will have to be as ready. No time to wait now. At least we have an upper hand to those witches. I have my secret weapon, and he is standing right next me.


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