Chapter Four

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Walking through the forest with Pat, the Beta of Bloodstone, Thomas, apparently is third in command, and Phillip, a warrior of the pack was not what I expected it to be. The forest was full of overgrowth most of the way until a clearing came into view. I stopped walking as soon as I saw it. My breath stopped. It was beautiful. Lilacs danced in the breeze with wildflowers, many colors played in the background to the violet of the lilacs. A small pond was in the center with wild birds playing in the water, migration was starting for some birds and this must have been a stopping point for them. I did not realize I was lost in my little world until Pat cleared his throat to get my attention.

"You can admire the view later," he stated, "if the Alpha let's you stay, of course."

"Oh! Sorry, it's just so beautiful. We did not have something like this in my old pack," I stated pointing to the meadow. I made a mental note to come back here for to think or relax or just be alone.

"Or to train," Cassandra added. 

"Oh that too." I replied to her. 

"What is the Alphas name?" I asked the men I was walking with.

"Alpha James," stated Phillip in a emotionless tone. I have a feeling he doesn't care for me at all or anyone for that matter. In the short time we have been walking he never said a word until now. No emotions on his face, nothing. But if you are going to be a warrior then you can't have emotions, I guess.

"Oh, ok. Thank you, Phillip," I said with a small smile.

"Mmmm," was his response, not a 'no problem' or 'you're welcome' just a slight sound from his mouth.

"Well, how is he with new comers or people like me? Is he going to kill me for trespassing?" I asked towards Pat this time.

"It depends on his mood. I haven't seen him today yet, so I don't know," he responded.

"Well," I gulped, "let's hope he is in a good mood." Oh please Moon Goddess let him be in a good mood. 

We continued our journey around the meadow to get to a dirt path. I am guessing this path leads us to the pack's houses. The dirt path is about an half a mile long, at the end is the pack house, I am assuming because it is huge. It looks like a mansion instead of a house. The white siding along with the blue shutters gives it a country look. The porch wraps around the whole house which is beautiful. I see other wolves walking around and some training in the field to the right of the pack house. The pups are running around the front yard and the porch with a couple she-wolves chasing them. 

As we get closer to the pack house, many of the pups and she-wolves move out of the way. They are all thinking I am a rogue, which technically I am. I do not mean any harm to them, so I bow my head to all to show that I will not attack and come peacefully. It doesn't help, much, but at least I tried. Walking through the front door was like walking into a different world.

I did not get to look around too much before Thomas grabbed my arm to pull me to Alpha James' office. What I did see was wonderful. The living room was completely open with a large couch and chairs in the middle with a huge television on the wall. There were teenagers in there playing some kind of video game and getting upset with each other over losing. We walked down a long hallway towards the back of the house. The Alpha's office was the last door on the left. Thomas knocked twice and waited to be invited in.

"Come in," said a strong and powerful voice.

As we entered, I did not get to see Alpha James, but I felt his power.

"Why is there a rouge in my office Thomas?" Alpha James asked in an angry tone. 

"We found her by the borders of the territory. She claims to be heading to the human territory, but we brought her here to you for further questioning and to see what you wanted to do with her, Sir," stated Thomas.

"Alright, you can go now Thomas. I want to speak to this she-wolf alone for a moment," Alpha James said.

To say I was nervous was an understatement. I was terrified when I finally saw Alpha James. He was at least 6'5 with broad shoulders with large muscles throughout his entire body. I am positive he has an eight pack under his shirt. He was wearing a black tee shirt with dark blue jeans and black loafer shoes. He was casual yet business like at the same time. He looked intimidating, but that is how an Alpha should look. I gulped, loudly.

"What is your name wolf?" he asked while pointing to the chair in front of his desk. I slowly walked over to the chair to sit down before talking. I didn't trust my voice right now.

"Hailey, Sir," I whispered. 

"Ok, Hailey, what brings you to trespass on my territory without my permission?" he asked with a lot more aggression in his voice when explain what was his. 

"I...I...I left my old pack, Sir"


"Ummm, I...I," taking a deep breath thinking how to answer this question without giving my wolf away, "I was being abused by other pack members, including the future alpha, and I could not take it anymore so I left." Simple but to the point. I gave myself a mental nod of approval.

"What do you mean, they were abusing you? I mean what were they doing to you Hailey? Abuse can mean many different things. I only ask because I want to know what you have been through and make sure you are not put in that position again." He stated seeming uneasy on his question.

"I was Moonlight's punching bag at times. I was bullied, as in getting called different names all the time. My brother was even one of them. Everyone knew about it, the Alpha and even my parents but no one stopped it. I believed I deserved for a while until I got slammed into the lockers today. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to leave, I needed to better myself. Too make them all see that I wasn't a nobody and I am something special, I mean good enough to be a wolf, Sir."

Alpha James watched me with intense eyes as I talked. I didn't keep eye contact too long because that was disrespectful to him if I did. I wanted him to know that he was my superior even if he really wasn't, according to Cassandra. Which she has been mute since being brought in here.

"I am here Hailey. I don't want to come out otherwise he will sense my power and become defensive towards us. We want allies not enemies," Cassandra said to me.

"I understand." I told her in my mind. 

"Well," Alpha James stated, "you can stay here for a couple days or permanently if you want. But I understand if you do not want to be close to your old pack. Let's meet again in a few days to discuss what you want to do, ok?"

"Ok. That sounds good, Sir," I stated with a smile. I haven't felt this much pressure release from me in the past month. 

"Good, my Beta's mate will take you to your room while you are staying here. Her name is Shelia and she is," he was interrupted by a knock on the door, "here now. Come in Shelia."

The door open to a beautiful young she-wolf. She was about 5'9 with dark brown curly hair and hazel eyes. She was smiling at me when she walked in.

"Hello, Alpha James," she stated to him. "And you must be the new she-wolf, Hailey?" she asked me.

"Yes ma'am, I am Hailey. It is nice to meet you Shelia," I reached my hand out for her to shake, but she didn't shake, instead pulled me into a tight hug.

"I can't breath," I wheezed out.

"Oh! I am sorry. You are just so polite and cute. I hope you are staying a while and we can get to know one another better, sound good honey?" she asked with a huge smile on her face.

"Yes, that sounds good. I haven't had a real friend in a very long time."

"Well, lets not damper the mood and get you settled in shall we."

We waved bye to the Alpha as he smiled at us both. I think I am going to enjoy this she-wolf. Maybe she will convince me to stay here longer. Who knows, but tomorrow is a new day and I plan on going to that meadow tomorrow and she what Cassandra is made of.

"Yes, my sweet Hailey, yes we will," Cassandra stated with happiness in her voice.

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