Chapter Twenty

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Walking into the bedroom of an Alpha and my mate was something I never thought I would do. Having walked into his bedroom, my body instantly relaxed from his scent. I will never understand how pine and wintergreen can calm me and excite me at the same time. Looking around his small room inside the cabin, I do not get to see his style choices but from the way he has it clean is a good sign. The room is almost identical to mine, queen size bed with red flannel sheets along the far wall, a wood bed frame, dresser and two nightstands; the only difference is the picture window looking out over the forest. A view that I can get lost in for days. There is always something about the beauty of nature that has me questioning being inside this house or any house for that matter. Something about the smell of fresh rain drops or snow warms my insides; just like Derrick, I thought to myself.

I am not sure what I should do, should I go and change first then come back, but if I do that someone will see me leave and enter his room. I could just wear something of his, but his scent will be all over me. His scent will be on you no matter what, I thought to myself. Ugh, what am I going to say to everyone tomorrow when they all look at me with knowing eyes? Do I tell them we just slept together and we are waiting to mate, or do I just let them think whatever they want to think? So many questions, and not enough answers. I never had to deal with this situation before, I do not remember dealing with this at any pack I have been too. What will his pack think of me? I do not want them judging me before I become their Luna.

"What are you thinking about Hailey," Derrick asks. It startles me to hear someone else's voice besides my own.

Clearing my throat, "a lot of things. I never thought I would be here... With you I mean." Why am I so nervous? I thought to myself, again.

"There is nothing to be nervous about my mate. We do not have to explain ourselves to anyone and I promise you, we will not do anything but sleep in that bed tonight," he says while pointing to the queen size bed across from us.

I want to calm and collective but my nerves are getting the best of me. As I bit my lower lip I nod to him and walk over to the bed to sit down.

"Do you have something I can wear to bed or I can go and get something from my room if that will be better," I ask him nervously. Breathe Hailey, just breathe I tell myself.

Without saying a word he walks over to his dresser and grabs me a t-shirt and shorts to wear. Walking back to me with his clothes in hand he says to me, "this should work for tonight and I will get you some clothes for tomorrow before anyone wakes up." Nodding to him I get up and head to the bathroom to change. Even though we are mates I am still not comfortable changing in front of him right now; I know that moment is coming soon but I am not ready for it tonight.

His scent calms me when slipping into his clothes. Even though the t-shirt is oversized for me and the shorts are many sizes larger than I am, I make it work. Looking at myself in the mirror to give myself a once over to make sure my hair isn't everywhere I open the door.

My heart once again starts to race. I have never been in this situation and I do not know what to do. I look up from the floor and see him lying on the bed staring at me. Something inside of me burns with his gaze. He shakes his head and breaks eye contact; which I am thankful for.

Clearing his throat, "I can sleep on the floor if it is more comfortable for you," he states.

"No," I say a little too quickly which surprises us both. "I don't want you to sleep on the floor." Knowing I will sleep better with him next to me; at least that is what I am telling myself.

"OK," he says while lifting up the covers for me to slip into. Something as simple as that makes me smile. No one has ever done that for me. I, of course, snuggle right into the bed next to him. Laying there trying to get comfortable because I am nervous is not an easy task.

"Hailey," he says, "can you tell me about yourself? I would like to know more about you." He turns on his side to look at me better waiting for me to start.

"Umm," I say before clearing my throat. "I'm not sure where to start. There isn't much too say." Not knowing what to say to him on this subject. I don't want to upset him about my past. There are things that have happened that I have never spoken of and a part of me wants to tell him but I do not know how to tell him.

"Just start from the beginning Hailey," he says calmly. "We have our whole lives together to talk about everything, OK?" he asks.

Nodding in agreement I adjust myself in bed in a sitting position. Where to start...

"The beginning Hailey," Cassandra says. "He is our mate, he loves us already." He loves me already? Do I love him? Looking over at him watching me, I see the change in his eyes. He wants to know what I am thinking, but until we fully mate he will have to wait patiently.

"One day I will know what is going through that beautiful mind of yours my mate," he says with a smile.

"OK," I say. "From the beginning, I don't remember too much of my younger years. They were good, there was love in the home and everyone adored me that I do remember. I still don't know why they acted like that towards me, but now I do I guess." Thinking about how different life changed since that day I didn't shift like they wanted me too. Feeling the tears coming I try to clear my mind but he needs to know.

Calm washed over me from the touch of his fingers on my cheek, whipping my tears away. "Tell me," he whispers.

"My parents and pack thought, well they knew I was who I am. The chosen one they say, but when it came time for me to shift I didn't. We waited months for it to happen and it never did. I was devastated and everyone was angry. I didn't understand why everyone was mad at me for not changing, I thought I was being punished by the Mood Goddess for something I did. But it turns out that Cassandra was hiding herself from them because she knew they were trying to still our powers. She did not come out until I left the pack."

Something about telling him my story was helping me. It was relieving something deep inside of me that I did not know I was hiding. I explained to him why and how I left my old pack and found Bloodstone pack. How they let me in with open arms and accepted me into their family, my family now. We talked about how I developed my powers and learned how to control them. He wanted to know how he could help me in training my powers more.

"You were written about Hailey," he said. "I believe there are more powers inside of you then any of us really know. We need to train you more to see how powerful you really are."

Something about his statement makes me believe him, I feel like I have more power in me then I can show. Maybe he is the key into finding my true powers in all the elements.

"He is Hailey," is all Cassandra says.

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