Chapter Thirteen

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Shutting the door behind was not as easy as I thought it would be. On the other side of this door is the man I am destined to spend the rest of my life with, but I can't go to him like I want too. I want him to hold me tight and kiss me while whispering 'Everything will be okay, Hailey'. As reality hits me with the click of his door shutting, I am brought back to now. Looking around this grand room I have been given, until I become Luna that is. It is beautiful, gorgeous, unlike anything I have seen. It is fit for a queen, for his queen.

The walls are a light blue, almost grey color with white trim on the walls and around the windows. The queen size bed is in the center of the room underneath the chandelier that is antique in style with its silver swirls and crystal glass sparkling in the light all around the room. The bed has a white and blue down comforter with eight pillows on it. There are two chairs placed in front of the large windows looking over the back yard. I walk over to the window to get a look at the scenery but being the middle of the night I cannot see much. The bathroom to the left of the window and is all white and gold trim; garden tub with a standalone shower in white tile and glass doors. The closet is opposite of the bathroom and is even larger than my last closet; which I did not think was possible. Good thing I brought all my clothes and shoes with me to fill part of this enormous closet.

I cannot get over how beautiful this room is. This pack must hold the Alpha and Luna to high standards or think of them as royalty to have this much space just for one person. I could understand if we were both staying in here, but we are not and this room was made just for the Luna. There is a knock on my door that brings me out of my thoughts.

"I have your suitcase for you Hailey," says Derrick. As I open the door he smiles at me, not a loving smile but a friendly smile.

"Thank you Derrick," I tell him with a small smile.

"I will have some of the pack members bring the rest of your belongings up here tomorrow. If there is anything that you need or want to change we can do that this week as well. I want you to be as comfortable here and I want you to love it here, because this will be your home soon enough," he says to me.

"Everything is perfect, better than perfect Derrick. I love it. Thank you," I say.

"OK. Good night Hailey," he says. He stands at my door a little longer until I grab the handle of my suitcase and carry it into my room. I hear the door shutting behind and turn to look to see Derrick has shut my door.

"I wonder if he wanted a goodnight kiss or something," I mumble to myself.

"Possibly. He is perfect for us Hailey. I want to meet him and his wolf soon," Cassandra tells me.

Laughing I tell her," OK. For you I will try to do that soon." I know this is going to be a great thing for us. We need him, but right now we need to find our siblings. We both know what is important right now and we will not lose track of that for anyone, especially our mate.

Crawling into this wonderful bed is like crawling onto a cloud. Sleep is going to be great once again tonight. Or I thought.

As soon as my eyes closed, I find myself in the beautiful forest again with the waterfall. The Moon Goddess has summoned me again.

"Hello my beautiful child," she says in her heavenly voice. I turn around with a smile on my face knowing I get to see her again.

"Hello," I say to her. Not sure why she brought me back here again.

"I needed to speak with you again Hailey. Things have seemed to be going faster than I have predicted. You need to find your siblings, now. There is no more time to practice or think about this. They are coming for you and you need to get to them before they find you my child," she says to me.

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