I'm Marrying Who!?! (17)

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"You must be Drake. I'm Detective Martinez."Martinez says reaching out to shake his hand. Drakes shakes his hand then we go outside to talk.

Chapter 17

He asked me if there was anything going on with me and they guy who did that to the passage way.

"His name is Chase. I know him because I ran into him at the mall, and he goes to the same school. Np we have nothing going on. We went on one date, and so he thinks I'm his girlfriend." I said in an annoyed tone.

"And have you talked to him after the date?" Martinez asked.

"Yeah this morning when he punched me in the gut for laying in the same bed with Drake." I said in an sarcastic tone.

"K," he said in between notes "When was the date, and have you talked to or seen this Chase guy since this morning?" he asked.

"Thwe went on a date yesterday." me and Drake said at the same time, so instead of saying we or they we said thwe, but he understood.

"K, but you didn't answer my question. The other one." He said looking directly at me.

"She ha-"

"Yes." I sighed. " when everybody went to go get the food he came into the room, but I made him leave. I didn't tell anybody because I didn't want them to know who made me pass out. If I did they would have asked why did so fast, and it would have gave them hints." I said looking down at the ground. I could feel Drake's gaze on me.

"Well if you don't mind me asking. Why go on a date if you didn't like him?" He asked with his eyebrows raised.

"Because Drake and I were arranged to get married, and he's my best friend so I didn't want to Marry him. As you can see I changed my mind." I said with a blush. I seen him raise an eyebrow, so I mumbled the last part. "And I did it to make him jealous." and I made sure I said it fast and low. Drake heard it and started chuckling then pulled me closer to him.

"Lucky guy." he said then winked at Drake.

"Am I missing something here?" I asked after the detective walked off.

"Yeah he's a friend of dads. A very close friend of his, and we consider him family. I talk to him everyday." he said with a smile. I was just about to kiss him before some lady interrupted us.

"Hey I'm Jaysie Davis, and I was wondering if you could give me more details on what happened. I'm a journalist." she said with a huge smile on her face.

I smiled back and said "Hey I'm Ka-"

"I know who you are. your my neice." She said while giving me this huge hug.


I know the last two chapters has been short, but this one is short because I'm trying to post something for having you wait so long. I've already started the next chapter.


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