I'm Marrying Who!?!(12)

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"He likes you." I replied.

Chapter 12

When I told Loren that her whole face lit up. After a few minutes of talking we decided to go eat. When we got to the door to leave the pool room we were pulled back by the guys toward the pool. I couldn't see Loren or Adam because Drake had me pulled up against him saying "Where do you think your going?"

"To go eat now let me go now." I said trying to get out of his hold. I really did like being held by him but I wasn't going to admit it.

"I think we're fine like this." he replied.

"No we're not because the food is in the kitchen." I said still trying to get out of his hold.

"Your lucky I'm hungry." he said to close to my ear before he let me go. I could feel his breath on my neck when he said that, but I longed for a kiss from him.Loren and Adam had already left the room.


I seen Katie and Drake leave out of the pool room.

"Hey do you mind if me and Adam stay the night? It's getting late and I don't feel like driving home." I said mainly asking Katie but Drake answered anyways. Of course Adam would have to stay cause I drove him here.

"Sure." Drake answered.

"But where will they sleep? The rooms are locked." Katie asked looking confused.

"I can just ask the maids to unlock the door." he replied. I wonder why their parents aren't here, and why does Katie live with Drake?

"Wh-" Drake cut her off.

"Before you start fuming my mom told the maids to only open the rooms if there are guest." Drake answered. Wait hold up. Why ar the rooms locked? What the hell is going on.

"Hold up why are the rooms locked and where do you two sleep?" I asked.

"We can leave if you want." Adam said. I gave him a look that said shut up.

Drake gave Katie a look and Katie nodded.

"Well... Uh... Um-" Drake said then I cut him off.

"Just get on with it already!" I said.

"Oh What the hell. He's my fiance-" Adam cut Katie off.

"What the fuck!?! Don't you think your to young to get married?" He asked, Katie started talking agian.

"Don't cut me off and maybe you'll find out why." Katie answered giving Adam daggers ( as in her look).

"Sorry." he replied.

"Anyways He's my Fiance, AND we were arranged to get married by are dumb ass parents."" Katie finished.

"WOW." me and Adam said together.

"Yeah and don't say shit to anybody." Katie said.

"Don't say anything because she has a really bad temper."Drake said.

"So does Loren." Adam mumbled.

"We won't say anything but when is it?" I asked while giving Adam the same look that said keep his mouth shut.

"After we graduate." Katie replied.After talking we sat down and ate like we came up here to do.

After we got through eating we decided to go to sleep. They asked the maid to open the rooms for us, but she would only open one. Katie didn't even know the maids were in the house.

"I'm going to try and say this nicely. Your sleeping on the damn floor." I said to Adam.

"No the hell I'm not he said while getting undressed. I jumped in the middle of the bed and spread out so he couldn't get in. He just jumped on top of me and said "Move over or I can just sleep like this."

"Maybe if you get off me I can." I said. When he got off me I went to the door and said " I'll be right back." I went to Katie's room and asked her for pajamas. I went to the bathroom and changed then went back to my room. When I got into bed Adam automatically wrapped his arms around me and that's how I fell asleep.


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