I'm Marrying Who!?!(11)

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Anyways Stacy is going to get dumped tomorrow. I can't take the clinging anymore.

Chapter 11

Katie's (P.O.V)

I woke up this morning wondering how I got into bed. I was watching that movie last night and fell asleep but didn't wake up till now. Oh well. Who cares. I have to get ready for today.

I called Loren last night when I went up stairs and told her what time to be there. I also told her what happened last night.


"I threatened to cut her and it scared the living shit out of her, but I wasn't going to really cut her." I said while laughing in the phone.

"I would have cut her for real. What was Drake doing?" Loren replied." I don't know because Stacy was just making me pissed off, and I wasn't paying attention." I replied.

-End of flashback

I rolled over to find Drake gone. I got up and walked toward the bathroom. As I was getting closer I started hearing a voice and mumbles replying.

"I don't want to go out with you anymore." the voice said. I recognized the voice it was Drakes. That must mean the other one is Stacy.

I heard Stacy yell"What! It's because of the bitch Katie isn't it."

"Katie's NOT a bitch, and that's none of your business."Drake replied in an angry tone.

"Yes it is. I'm your girlfriend." I heard her say through the phone.

"WAS. WAS my girlfriend, and since you wanna know so bad well then here go one of the reasons. Your to clingy, oh and one more thing. YOUR A BAD KISSER." he said. Then I heard the phone click. I ran to the bed to play it off, but only ended up getting caught.

"I caught you, so what did you hear?" he asked with a smirk.

"I heard you stick up for me." I said smiling.

"Yeah. I'm gonna always stick up for you." he replied with a blush.

*After getting ready*(She woke up at 1pm)

"Since we have two hours left till we leave do you wanna go to the mall?"I asked.

"Naw. I don't feel like dealing with Stacy."he replied like he was annoyed just saying her name.

"So what do you want to do?" I asked.

"I don't know... lets go to the pool. You don't have to get in, but you can put your feet in the water, or sit on one of the chairs." he replied. I hope he doesn't push me in.

"Yeah" I said. We started walking around the house and ended up going to the indoor pool. I didn't know there was one.

"I didn't know there was an indoor pool."I said

"Of course you wouldn't know." he replied. We sat down and started talking. We were talking like this for fifteen minutes befor he randomly pushed me in the pool.

"What the FUCK! You idiot! We leave in like an hour and you just pushed me in the pool!" I said getting out.

"Wow you should have seen your face.!" he said then started laughing. Then I pushed him in, which he was cool with.

"Shit! Now I have to go call Loren." I said leaving the pool room.

After I dried up I called Loren.

"Hey" she answered.

"Hey. Change of plans. You guys will have to come over here, and there will be food." I replied.

"Okay, but why?" she asked.

"Because Drake pushed me in the damn pool." I replied.

"Oh."she said while laughing.

"Oh and bring swimsuits." I said

"K." she replied then hung up.

"Drake order some pizza." I said while yelling from the room.

When everyone got to the house we went to the indoor pool.

"Since you guys are here what kind of pizza do you want?" Drake asked.

"Peperoni." we said together.

"K, well I'm going to order the pizza." he said while leaving.

"And I'm going to get something to drink. Drake could you show where the kitchen is?" loren said getting up.

When Drake and Loren left I asked Adam " Do you have a thing for Loren?" he just looked at me with a puzzled look.

"Why?" he asked.I used the same line people used with me.

"It's just the way you look at her." I replied.

"Maybe, but keep your mouth shut." he replied I take that as a yes.

When Loren and Drake came back they didn't come back alone. They came with Chase. Loren gave me a funny look and I just shrugged.

"Hey Chase. What are you doing here?" I asked. I hope he's not a stalker.

"Just stopping by. How come you didn't invite me to your pool party?" he asked giving me this scary look.

"Because it's not a pool party. I told you I was busy today and I am. I already had this planned." I said while giving him my death glare.

"Planned what a double date? Cause that sure is what it looks like." Chase replied looking hurt.

" Well it's not." said while getting out of the pool.

"lets go." I said while grabbing his arm and holding a towel around me in the other. Once we got outside I told him why I didn't tell him.

"Well you could have told me" he said. Who does he think he is my boyfriend, but I guess I should have told him.

"Yeah well I got to go back in." I said hopping he would leave.

"Yeah I got to go." he said while going to his car.

I waved bye and when he drove off I went back inside. When I got to the pool room I seen Loren sitting in one of the chairs, and the guys in the pool. I joined Loren.

"So did he say anything?" I asked.

"No. Chase knocked on the door before he could say anything." she said.

"But why did he knock on the door" I asked.

"He was the pizza guy." Loren replied.

"He got here pretty fast." I mumbled.

"What did Adam say?"Loren asked.

"He likes you." I said with a smile.


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