I'm Marrying WHO!?!

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Chapter 1

"Hey get over here dim-wad you already have a girlfriend. So why u trying to get another one?" I asked trying to get the girl to leave so he could take me home.

"Man, Kate shut up!!" He yelled looking mad because the girl was leaving. When i seen her leave I started laughing cause he didn't really have a girlfriend. But i mean come on girls hit on him everyday so it's not like he cant find another one, but i cant blame them he's really hot and i mean HOT.

Drake has naturally jet black hair with blue eyes. His hair is cut in a emo style and he's really built. You can see his 8 pack through his white v-neck. Oh and he wear skinny jeans that fits him just right not to tight and not to lose. But he's my best friend so I'm not into him like that.

Me on the other hand has Naturally red hair(like a scarlet color) with plain brown eyes. " What can't a girl joke?" I said while laughing.

"Not when im about to get her number!"he yelled at me which just made me laugh harder. " Well since i have a girlfriend guess who it is?" I stopped laughing when i heard him say that because i knew it was something i knew i did not want to hear.

"Who?" I asked scared he was going to say me.

"YOU" he said while grinning.

"NO I'M NOT!!!" I yelled."I am NOT dating a manwhore!" I yelled but a little softer.

" I am NOT a manwhore. I was only joking... You... should...have seen... your face!" he said between laughs.

*Later on*

"hey mom,dad." I said walking through the living room bout to go in my room.

"Hold on sweetie we need to talk." my mom said.

"Okaay?" I said stretching it out so it sounded like a question. They never talk to me unless They're saying ' hey how was school' or ' hey'.

" Well we have something to tell you. Your going to get married-" I cut her off. "yeah in the future, duhhh" I said to her.

" No sweetie we mean as in now." my dad cut in. " We arranged it." he said.

"WHAT!!! WHO!?!?!" i asked yelling.

"It's..." they looked at each other and smiled before they said...


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