I'm Marrying Who!?! (10)

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"What the hell is she doing here!?!" That's when I seen the look of hurt and disgust cross Katie's face.

Chapter 10


I couldn't take it. I already hate Stacy and Drake was just hurting me more by having her over here.

"I live here dumb ass." I replied with a look that said "duhh".

"Why you can't afford your own house?" she replied with a laugh.

"For your information I was forced to live here and it's none of your reason why." I said while going into the kitchen.

"And why the fuck are you here anyway? Did your parents kick you out for being a damn Hoe? Cause I sure as hell would." I said while stepping out of the kitchen. If you haven't noticed I only curse when I'm pissed or really annoyed, and Stacy is the reason why I'm cursing now.

"Why do you care? Drake would let me stay here If I did." she said while giving Drake a perverted wink. I know there is no such way to wink like that but in Stacy case there is.

"How ab-" Drake started to only get cut off by me.

"How about you get your horny ass off my couch before you make a wet spot, and leave NOW." I said getting louder on now. God, she make me feel icky.

"I'm not the only one. Seems like Drake got a boner." she said. Eww nasty bitch.( he really didn't. she was making things up.)

I walked into the kitchen and came out with a knife. "I'm going to say this one more time. Get the hell out of my house before I cut your ass with this fucken knife."I said. I wasn't going to really cut her, but it sure as hell did scare her.

"Whatever." she said while getting up. "So Drake do you want to come over my place? I could take you there." she asked Drake. I gave Drake a death glare letting him know if he went anywhere with her I would make his life a living hell.

"Uhh... sorry but I have to get ready for tomorrow." he said while giving her a fake sad smile.

"But tomorrow is Saturday." she said looking confused.

"Yeah but I'm going somewhere with Katie and some friends tomorrow." he said with the same fake smile.

"Fine." she said while glaring at me, which only made me smirk. When she left and shut the door I locked it.

"what's got your panties in a twist?" Drake asked me with a smirk.

"That dumb bitch you call a girlfriend." I said while going back into the kitchen only to be followed.

"Looks like somebody jealous." he whispered in my ear. We were so close that I could feel his abs on my back.

"You wish." I said turning around which was a huge mistake. Our lips were barely 5 cm apart. The truth was I am jealous because she has Drake, and she doesn't even deserve him. If he didn't have a girlfriend we'd be sucking face right now.

I tried to step back but only tripped on I don't know what and fell forward making are lips crash together. When are lips touch I forgot about all my surroundings. I felt him ask for entrance and gave it to him. When are tongue touch it felt like fireworks going off in my mouth. That's when I pulled away.

"Um... uh um I need to go eat." I said while turning away. I was pressed up against the counter and didn't even know how I got there when I was just on the side of the table.

"Yeah I'm going to go take a shower and be back down for some food." he replied like he was out of breath. When I turned around he was already heading toward the living room to go upstairs.

"Whoa." I said. I'm sure glad the maids aren't around. Wait what happened to the maids? I haven't seen them since the day I moved here. I'm going to have to ask Drake about that.

I got me a plate of food and set down in the kitchen and started eating. I really hope Drake likes me as in girlfriend type. If not I'm going to have to find a way someway to get out of this house.

After I was done eating Drake came back into the kitchen in his boxers, and fixed him a plate and sat down. I'm never going to get tired of that site. "Do you want to watch a movie?" he asked acting like nothing happened so I just played along.

"Sure which one?" I asked getting up.

"Nightmare on Elm Street." he replied. I've been wanting to see that movie for a week now. How did he get it?

"K, just let me go take a shower first." I replied while heading out the kitchen.


I watched her go upstairs like nothing happened. That kiss was amazing. It was nothing like Stacy's sloppy and just BAD kiss. Man I wish I was chase write now.

I hope he takes care of her, because she's nothing like these sluts he dates. She's different and has her own opinion. Also she's not afraid to tell you the damn truth. So he better not get on her bad side, if he doesn't want to get his pretty boy feelings hurt.

The way he is I think I'm going to have to have a little talk with him. He won't like it but he's going to have to deal with it.

*After eating*

Katie came back downstairs in sweats, tank tops, and socks. She looked damn good in a tank top unlike Stacy who looks like she gets her tank tops from the kids section.

"You ready to watch the movie?" I asked.

"Yeah lets go." she replied. We went into the theater in our house and watched Nightmare on Elm Street. It wasn't even scary. Freddy looked like a scarecrow, and he talked like he was thirsty. He probably was consider he got burnt with all that smoke surrounding him. They could have done better though.

The original Freddy probably would have done better. Half way through the movie Katie fell asleep, so I turned off the movie and carried her up the stairs in bridal style to our bedroom. Once we got into the room I laid her down on her side of the bed and got in on my side.

Tomorrow I've decided I'm going to break up with Stacy. The only reason I went out with her was to get to Katie. I hope she notices, but I can tell that she did got really jealous. Anyways Stacy is going to get dumped tomorrow. I can't stand her cling anymore.


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