I'm Marrying Who!?! (21)

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I went to go get the Detective. When I got to his door and he answered I told him what happened. He called back up, and we left the hotel.

Chapter 21


Before we left we asked the door lady if she seen a girl with scarlet hair and brown eyes. She told us she left with some guy. We were outside now and there was a guy outside smoking, so we asked him.

"Hey have you seen a girl with a scarlet hair color and brown eyes?" I asked him. "She left about and hour ago." I added.

"Gosh! Do I look like an addict to you? No! I haven't been out here smoking for an hour. I'm not an addict!" he yelled while storming off. I also heard him say " I can stop anytime I want!".'Yeah why not stop now.' I thought to myself. We headed to the detectives car, because if we took mine Chase know it was me.

"So where do you think he took her?" Martinez asked.

"I don't know. Lets check his house." I replied.

"How are you going to get in?" he asked me.

" He has a sister. A slutty one." I replied. I don't know where he took her but I know that I'm going to find her.

We pulled up in their drive way. I told him not to get out until he seen a light go on upstairs. I was at the door waiting for someone to answer it. I was about to turn around before Stacey answered the door.

"What do you want?" she asked in a snobby tone.

"I just came to tell you that I dumped Katie because I'm still in love with you." I lied. I seen her face light up. Wow she falls for anything.

"Really?" she said with this huge smile on her face. Then she grabbed my hand and took me up to her room. She had turned on her bedroom light and that was the cue for Martinez to come in. Next she tried to kiss me, but I pulled away and said " I'm kinda thirsty. Do you have anything to drink?".

She got off the bed and got a water bottle from her mini fridge. I drunk the whole bottle, and then started to get dizzy. I could her Stacey talking to me. "You don't think that I actually fell for that do you?" she asked me. I couldn't reply. I started to see black spots before everything went black.


I had woke up in this damp dark place. I had been beaten to a pulp and tied to a chair.I heard a door open, and seen Chase carry in Drake and Stacey bring in a chair. I watched them tie up Drake and I just started yelling random insults at him. Freaking STALKER! Are parents will find us and you will go to jail!". Stacey came over and slapped me in the face. I was sore everywhere. Chase had punched me in the ribs again, punched me in my face, and dislocated my shoulder. I also had a black eye.

"Now, now quite yelling." Chase came over and tried to kiss me, but I spit in his face. He then punched me in my stomach. I couldn't curl up, so all I could do was sit there and wait for my breath to come back. I heard a noise upstairs, and had caught my breath. Stacey ran back up stairs then came back down and said" There's somebody here.". That's when I started yelling.

"HELP! HELP DOWN HERE! HELP!" Then Chase smacked me in my face.

"If you didn't cheat on me we wouldn't have to go through this." he said in my face.

Him and Stacey had went up stairs. My vision was getting blurry and the tears were running down my face.

"Drake." I said barely a whisper. "Drake wake up!" I called again. I saw him stir. "Drake it's me, Katie." he woke up and saw me.

"Katie-" He tried to run me and noticed he was tied up.

" Your tied up. Stacey and Chase tied you up." I said. I was trying to think how we could get out of this, but couldn't.

" Where are we?" he asked. He wouldn't believe it if I told him. Where he took us it would be hard to get out. There are so many doors on the other side of this door.

"We're somewhere in the house. I don't know where, because this place is like a maze," I replied. " but I know we are below the basement." I said.

I started to hear more moving upstairs. It sounded more like falling up stairs. I started to get curious as to who was up there, because I could here glass shattering everywhere.

"Did you bring someone with you?" I asked.

"Yeah Detective Martinez. It sounds like he's winning." Drake said before we heard a big OOF!


I know this is really short but I'm having writing blocks, and can't think of anything! So just let me know what you think, and maybe leave Ideas.

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