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"So you will come to the office and we'll go to the doctor's appointment," Xander says as he empties his cup of coffee.

"Sure." Cara nods, taking Cassie's juice from the corner of the table after finishing hers. Cassie glares at her, Cara gives her a sheepish smile.

Xander throws his coat over his shoulders as he walks over to where Cara is seated. He leans in to grab his document but Cara thinking he is leaning in for a kiss, pecks him on his cheeks.

They both freeze at Cara's contact. Xander grabs his document and stands upright. He clears his throat, "S-see you later."

Completely flushed and embarrassed, Cara simply nods. Xander lets out a low laugh as he walks out of the dining room.

The room falls silent for a while before Cassie breaks the ice, "What was that?"

Cara puts her palm on her face, "O my God," She mumbles.

"You got to let me know, what are you guys to each other?" Cassie asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

"I don't know what you mean," Cara feigns innocence as she lets her hands down.

"Oh please, you want to pretend that you guys didn't have sex in the cellar last week." Cassie rolls her eyes.

Yeah, they did, twice and almost every day this week. Cara has just been thinking about the amazing sex that she hasn't thought of defining their relationship.

"I was just distracting him so you can find the cup and win the car for both of us, which you did. You should be thanking me." Cara flips her hair dramatically.

"Oh yeah?" Cassie mocks. "I am not going to say anything because you seem happy but..."

Cara interrupts, "No buts, it's just sex. Besides, it's not like I can get pregnant again."

"Where's Xavier?" Cassie asks.

"I don't know, it's weird that he is not down yet. He is always the first to come down for breakfast." Cara says.


"Sir, you have a visitor," Xander's secretary says from the other line.

"Let him in," Xander says before he drops the telephone. He has a meeting with an investor this afternoon, Xander guess he came early.

Xander is trying to keep busy

The door opens, Xander who's still busy signing files to look up, didn't notice the blonde beauty that walks in.

"Alex," Xander hears a tiny voice, a voice which as so much effect that sends Xander's pen to a permanent halt. Like someone just poured a bucket of ice on his body, chills ran through his spine.

He lifts his head up to put a face to the all too familiar voice. There she is in her red short sundress which shows off her tan and long legs. She is back to her natural blond hair which is curled to perfection, she looks perfect.

"What are you doing here?" He says with a frown on his face.

"I remember one time that I promised, I'll always be here especially on this day. I am keeping my promises." Liza says softly as she walks in.

Today is the day his parents died and the day he escaped death. This is why Xander has been trying to keep busy and have his day packed, so he won't have to think. Think of the horror of this day, 15 years ago.

"Please let me keep my promise," Liza mutters as she takes his hand from the desk into hers. "Let me do this," She whispers.

Having company won't be bad even if it's the company his ex. At least she knows all about today and how miserable he usually is.

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