28| sleeping together

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IT was during the drive home that Jimin thought he might actually have a heart attack. Halfway into the drive, seats getting damp from their hair dropping into the seat, despite the towels they laid down, was when Jungkook turned to Jimin and said, "I'm actually really fucking happy that you agreed to come with me. I think I had a better time with you than I ever would with Hani."

Jimin felt his cheeks heat up as if they were on fire. He bit his lip to stop his grin, heart skipping several beats. Jungkook had a better time with him than with his girlfriend. He figured he could die happily now.

"N-No problem." He replied stupidly, then added on, "I h-had a g-great time."

Jungkook smiled. The rest of the drive home was fairly quiet, both of them enjoying how peaceful it was, even if Jimin was still mentally freaking out at the same time. They made it back to the dorms around ten at night. Unlocking the bedroom door, Jimin wasn't surprised when he found Taehyung passed out on his bed with Netflix still open.

He sighed, setting down his bag next to the front door. He walked over and closed his laptop, placing it on the desk before covering Taehyung up with his comforter. He then made his way to his closet where he pulled out an extra blanket.

"What are you doing?"

"T-Taehyung's in m-my bed." Jimin answered, ripping a pillow out from underneath his best friend's head.

"I see that." Jungkook frowned, "Where are you going?"

"'M g-gonna sleep o-on the fl-floor."

"Why don't you just sleep with him?"

"He's a n-nightmare t-to sleep w-with." Jimin muttered, looking at Taehyung.

"You can have my bed." Jungkook smiled softly, reaching over and pulling textbooks off of his mattress, "I'll take the floor."

"I-It's your b-bed, th-though," Jimin trailed, then shook his head, "I c-can't."

"I'm not going to let you sleep on the floor because Taehyung's an idiot." Jungkook said. He finished clearing all the items on his bed, "If you're comfortable with it, you could sleep with me?"

Jimin blinked, "I-I'm sorry?"

"We can share my bed," Jungkook smiled nervously, scratching the back of his neck, "If you don't mind?"

"No!" Jimin said a bit too quickly. He coughed, "I-I m-mean no, uh, I d-don't mind, i-if you dont—"

"Of course not." Jungkook smiled, "Go ahead and get in. I'll be right back."

Jimin nodded, cheeks heating up again. He waited until Jungkook was gone before he turned to Taehyung and whispered, "Tae, y-you have no i-idea how m-much I love you at this moment."

Smiling to himself, he pulled back the younger's covers and got under ten. He moved as close to the wall as possible. It only took a matter of seconds before he was beginning to get sleepy. By the time Jungkook came out of the bathroom he was already half asleep.

"Good night, Jimin." He heard Jungkook mutter. He fell asleep soon after.

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