Unthawed (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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|   Warning: Naked Time   |

"Oh man, what happened?" Steve asked, making his most intense face. He looked back and forth between you and Natasha. You barely had the energy to move to answer him but you knew he was actually talking to Natasha.

"Don't look at me, look at Tony," she said, shooting Tony a glare.

Still in his Iron Man gear, Tony bent down to lay you gently on the table in the medical room. You were wrapped in a couple of silver heat reflective emergency blankets, shivering and half out of it. "In my defense..." Tony said, stalling to think for a second, "...yeah, I got nothing."

"You were in charge, Natasha," Steve said, stepping closer to you to look you over.

"Yeah, well, my comm got knocked out," she said.

At that statement, Steve seemed to ease up on her. "Okay, so what happened?" he asked more calmly.

"We ran into a blizzard, it blew our hiding spots. Tony had her on lookout duty while we were inside. Strucker's thug sent a weather altering mutant outside after her. She got whipped around in the wind and snow and then, he buried her in a snow pile," Natasha said, biting her lip when she'd finished.

You tried to lift your head, just to see if you could, but it thunked back on the hard table.

Steve jumped into action. "Tony, get the doc on a call, Nat - more blankets and a hot water bottle..." he trailed off, looking down at you. "We'll get you fixed up." The other two were off already as he opened the blanket over your chest to pull your hands out. He looked at your red fingertips then covered you back up. At the bottom of the table, he pulled your boots off to check your toes. As he worked on checking you out, he talked to you, even though you didn't talk back. "Your digits look like they're okay... I get called to Washington D.C. for one damn day and this happens..."

"It's no one's fault," your voice creaked out. You closed your eyes tight as Tony wheeled a cart with a computer monitor over next to you. Steve covered you with another blanket and Natasha slipped a hot water bottle under your neck. Your head snapped upwards when you felt someone pick up your bare feet and hold them against their stomach. "Steve, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to warm your feet up, (Y/N)," he looked at you like he couldn't understand why you would question what he was doing. Even though your feet were cold, they were still ticklish. "This is how my mom used to warm me up in the winter after I walked home from school..." he said, pushing his sleeves up and sticking your feet up under his shirt, against his bare skin. He let out a little gasp at your cold feet against his stomach, but on your side, it felt so much better. "Put your hands under your arms," he said.

The video conference consultation with the doctor was fairly quick and painless, and mostly just a rehash of what happened with a check of your vitals.

Tony had left but came back with two heat lamps from his lab and he set them up on on both sides of the table.

Steve had sent Tony and Natasha both away to get themselves cleaned up and changed. "You're stuck with me," he grinned at you, pulling up a chair.

"You don't have to stay, Steve," you said. You were finally starting to feel better.

"I don't mind... unless you want me to go?" he said.

"I don't mind. How long am I stuck here?" you said, you could feel yourself starting to get antsy.

"That's up to you. If you start feeling better, I think you'll know when it's time." He studied your face. "Are you tired?"

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