The Arrangement - Part 4

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If you haven't read the first three parts of The Arrangement, go back and read them. It's a light-hearted story that took off on its own from my original premise. Thanks so much for the request for an additional part, SteveRogersForever, SummerLove2627, MilevenFangirl!!!

I do not own these characters, I just write them as a way to love and care for them.

Italic parts are the reader narrating.

This story gets the Captain's LANGUAGE WARNING.

The Arrangement - Part 4

It's barely daylight and I awaken with a jolt as the bed bounces harshly. My body tosses up from the mattress about 5 inches. Somehow, I've managed to not roll off the side of the bed and actually laugh when he plops down on our bed. Part of me probably expected that I'd wake up this way this morning. When I planned today's outing, I knew he'd be excited about it.

"Honey, we don't leave for another two hours," I laugh as he wraps wet arms around me happily. "You didn't even dry off!"

He giggles wildly. "Sorry... Sorry, baby."

I roll over in his arms and look at the wide eyes that await me with a toothy grin. I laugh even harder when I see he's laying bare-ass on the bed snuggling my legs. He's already gotten in a run and a shower and he looks like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for their parents to get out of bed. His hair is freshly washed and still wet, he smells delicious.

I love this guy, I really do.

When we started sleeping together last year... just sleeping... under the pretense that we both needed some physical affection and better sleep, I never imagined that we'd be where we are now. I'm head over heels in love with Steve and he's so good to me. I'd act like a clown just to hear his laugh ...and see it too. Because he has the most infectious laugh - it's with his entire body and it makes me feel like I'm drunk on him.

And of course, I know he loves me too. We all know he's tougher on me as the Captain so no one can say he's playing favorites but I think every single one of us has called him out on being a lovesick softie when he's not in Captain mode.

Of course he enjoys outings like the one we're going on today. He has a ton of little fangirls and fanmoms... and even dads and little boys that just want to get near him. They just want to get a picture with him, an autograph, a chance to tell him how much he means to him. And he is so gracious and friendly with each and every one of them, even those rare difficult or rude people we meet.

The only part he hates... the part we all hate... is that the reason for our visit is these families have sick children. It hurts his heart and I know it. The thing that keeps him from losing it is the fact that there's always a crowd around him.

The rest of us don't get much attention but we're not upset about it. I mean, come on... he is Captain America and he's been in the limelight a lot longer than the rest of us. Tony gets a good bit of attention but he isn't always with us. Even being frozen for 66 years, no one seems to have forgotten Steve. People are always telling him about how their grandparents or parents spoke of him when they were children. Then there's the whole saving the world twice in the last couple of years thing. Three times if you count the utter chaos that took place in the airspace over Washington D.C. People seem to like that he was there to lend a hand and they're appreciative.

A couple of hours later, I'm standing in the doorway of a hospital room watching Sam's face as he tries not to be agitated when a dad asks him where Iron Man is. I cover my mouth so no one will see me almost smile at Sam's annoyance. A second later, he flashes me a secret glance and he knows I'm barely holding it together at his expense. Sam's great, we have such a good time together. When we do hospital visits or meet and greets, we often stick together because neither of us are completely outgoing and we pair together well. I glance over my shoulder to see that Steve has still not been able to move an inch in the hallway, a full crowd around him. And it's mostly just hospital staff, he hasn't been able to get to a single room yet. He smiles with all the pretty teeth in that sweet mouth of his for every single selfie and group shot. His eyes look out to meet mine and I can't help but grin before I return my attention to the lovely little girl laying in the hospital bed next to Sam. I get to be the fun Avenger who carries a giant sack of stuffed animals and action figures to hand out.

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