Hands Off (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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| Warning: Mild Language, Frisky Steve Rogers |

"Baby, you're killing me over there in that dress," Steve's deep voice called out from across the room. "How much longer do I have to keep my hands off you?" You could tell by his voice, he had a smile plastered across his face.

You glanced in the mirror to see behind you and sure enough, you'd called that one right. He was grinning from ear to ear and looking dashing in his tuxedo, sitting on the bed waiting for you. He almost got credit for being patient until that comment. You put in a pair of dangly earrings and turned around to walk towards him, stopping to stand right between his knees.

"Well, I think it would be frowned upon to show up to the wedding looking disheveled, don't you?" You teased him but in reality, you wanted to take that tuxedo off him just like a present that was waiting only for you.

He laid his hands on the outside of your thighs, with only the slinky dress material between you. "I don't think Pepper will mind," he said. "And you know Tony won't."

You bent down until your face was right in his. "Steve, you're making it harder and harder for me to say no," you said, giving him your best innocent girl smile. "The limo will be here any minute now."

He pulled you close and moved his hands up to your ass and the warm sensation in your stomach moved into a frenzy. This man was hard to resist.

"Okay, you forced my hand," you said. "I have to tell you hands off. Someone has to be a responsible adult here. Besides, Sam and his date are sitting right outside waiting for us."

"So hands off?" he asked, looking like a dog who'd just been scolded.

"Hands off," you repeated.

He rose up off the bed and towered over you, so close to you, you wondered if you could hold him off any longer. "Well, hands off is not a problem," he said and raised an eyebrow. He folded his hands in front of him and leaned down to kiss your neck, moving slowly to the other side. He stepped back to look at your face but you were determined not to flinch. He moved out and around to your back, leaning in to kiss your neck from behind then moving to your ear. His hot breath was quickly melting your road block. Next, he moved down to the middle of your back where your dress was cut out.

"Rogers..." you sighed dreamily.

"Yes, honey?" he asked, as if he had no idea what he was doing to you.

"You're not playing fair," you smiled.

"Mmmmm, I know," he hummed into your skin as he kissed back up your neck. One thing you knew for sure was that when Steve was determined, there was just about no stopping the man. This turned out to be accurate when he kissed over to your shoulder and trapped the strap of your dress between his teeth, tugging it down your arm as far as it would go. He rubbed his nose back and forth on your shoulder before tapping the back of your knee with his foot, causing you to lift your knee up. Before you could catch yourself, he had knocked your high heel off while your foot was in the air. You looked at him and shook your head, "I'll admit, that was pretty slick." He smiled into your neck as he moved around to face you when he nudged your other foot until you slipped your heel off.

Standing a few inches shorter now, you looked up at Steve's smiling face. "This is torturous," you kidded him.

"What can I say? I like a good challenge," he smiled as he stooped to the floor, getting low to the ground and on all fours. Now you were wondering what was coming next...

He caught the bottom of your hemline between his teeth and started lifting himself off the floor, bringing the dress upwards with him, all the while, gently dragging his face against your leg. You let out a soft whimper as he laughed and stood up. He faced you dead on and put his hands on the sides of your arms, giving you a big smile.

"America's sweetheart, my ass," you laughed.

Steve let out a chuckle and looked at you with the sweetest eyes. "You look beautiful, baby," he said as he leaned in for a tender kiss. "I can't wait to bring you back here later and finish where we left off."

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