On The Run

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This story was featured in a book called STEVE ROGERS: HOT SHOTS that I have discontinued.

I do not own these characters, I just write them as a way to love and care for them.



"I'm going to need you to brace yourself," Steve said in a very commanding voice. It was unusual for him to use that tone with you but you knew him well enough that you could tell he was serious and possibly even a little nervous. The speeding black SUV you were in was already bouncing up and down on the pitch-black backroads. It had been a few minutes since you'd been able to see the Hydra thugs on your tail since Steve had cut off onto a different road and one of their cars had sideswiped a patch of trees. You knew he was going to take advantage of the timing. You weren't too keen on being in a car chase like this but you knew you were in good hands with Steve at the wheel. You also knew he'd do anything he could to keep you out of harm's way.

As your fingers grabbed the door on one side and the middle console on the other, you heard a loud bang when Steve turned the wheel and floored it, flying the SUV through a clearing of trees. It sounded like you had lost a wheel or some other major piece of the SUV. But as you were back in the thick of trees, he still seemed to be able to maneuver so it must have sounded worse than it was.

Driving through a wooded area in the dark, with only the running lights was nerve wracking. After a few minutes, you came to a place where there were no more trees in front of you. Steve stopped the SUV right underneath the tree line, parked the car and turned to look at you. You could barely make out any of his features at all in the dark.

"We're going to have to lay real low," he said to you. "They'll be flying over the area looking for us. We're going to have to stay put."

You let go of your death squeeze of the laptop bag that had been between your calves as you were driving. It was the Hydra intel that you and Steve had been sent to retrieve. You took a deep breath.

"Hey..." he said in a low voice, "Are you okay? You didn't get hurt, did you?"

"I'm fine," you said. "Just coming down from the adrenaline rush." You felt the headache creeping up the back of your neck already.

"Okay..." he said out loud but more to himself than anything, "We're okay."

"Are you?" you asked gently.

"Yeah," he said in an almost whisper. He reached over to put a hand on your knee. "This wasn't exactly the first overnight with you I was expecting."

"I know," you said, letting out a little laugh. You and Steve had started dating about a month ago, after a solid year of casual glances and subtle flirting while on missions. A year of your heart thumping in your chest when you had to get close enough to touch him.

And it seemed like Steve felt the same way you did.

Being that you weren't always able to see each other very often in the past month due to mission schedules... the furthest things had gone between you was a few goodnight kisses. But it was okay because you knew this one was special and it was okay if you didn't rush things this time.

The lengthy late night phone calls in between dates were almost as good as seeing him in person. Almost.

"Is this okay with you?" you asked, realizing maybe he truly meant what he had just said.

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