With Passion In Our Eyes, There's No Way We Could Disguise It Secretly

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(Steve Rogers x Reader)

| Warning: Lethal Amounts of Adorable |

"Please don't drop me," I whispered down to him with a clenched smile as I tried to keep my body straight and tight and my arms out to the sides.

"I promise I won't" he whispered back, not moving a millimeter and giving me all the strength he had. He was a rock and I knew right then and there I had picked the right partner. I could count on Steve no matter what and that was not just at this very moment, but always.

The lights were blinding my eyes but I continued to look out towards the crowd of people as if I was having the best time and I could actually see them.

As the music changed, he lowered me down, sliding my body down his chest.

Oh, I never felt this way before...

Yes, I swear, it's the truth

And I owe it all to you...

Then he threw his arms around me with a huge smile. As my face crashed into his chest, I could feel and hear his heart pounding as he squeezed me. I'd never imagined seeing him this happy over a silly little competition. I tried to catch my own breath and it was hard with the big grin I was wearing all over my face. The cheering started getting so much louder.

Then I heard Tony's voice over the microphone and peeked over Steve's arm to see him leaning over the dj to speak. "And the winner, by a landslide is (Y/N) and Steve! Congratulations, (Y/N), Capsicle..." As the dj tried to nudge Tony out of the way, you could hear Tony telling him, "It's my party, I get to be the judge."

Steve leaned his head down to shout to me over the music and the noise, "I have to admit this is the most fun I've ever had at a Tony party."

"I agree," I leaned up to say closer to his ear. I could still feel his arms tight around me and I wondered if he was planning on letting go. The holding on was okay with me.

Close friends was the current relationship status... but I honestly had found myself wondering about taking it further with him lately.

Nat and the rest of the team crowded around us to congratulate us. "I should have known you'd pull that off," she said to me. "All our dancing in random bathrooms over the years... I should have known." Nat is one of my closest friends and we really know how to be silly together. Like it's our job.

As Steve loosened his grip on me to just having one arm around me, he asked, "Do you need a drink?"

"Yes, I could use a drink," you said and grabbed the hand that he was offering to you, while you cut through the crowd.

"You were taking a real chance picking me," he said as we stepped up to the bar. "You had no idea if I could dance..."

"I had a hunch," I said. "You learn so well with training and fighting - memorizing steps. But you were even better than I expected, you were amazing."

Steve was having a hard time taking the compliment and I could feel my heart still beating fast, my skin still glistening with the perspiration from nervousness. Before I knew it, I had reached up to hold both sides of his face with my stone cold hands. "20 minutes to create a dance...and you spent at least 5 of those minutes seeing the dance scene for the very first time... Steve, you were so good!" I laughed and remembered how many of the details he'd gotten right. "I can't believe you got down on your knees like that, I was so impressed! Forget Patrick Swayze!"

Steve leaned forward, closer into my arms and let out a little laugh, "I can't believe I did that either. I'm never living that one down, am I?"

I laughed and shook my head, I was so proud of him for letting go like that. He was so close now and the room was so loud with the sounds of music. Everyone had gone back out onto the dance floor. It seemed like he was getting closer to me by the second and I wondered if he was crossing over the border from friendzone-ville.

Just then, I felt a light tap on my arm and looked to see Nat handing me a crisp $100 bill. "Thank you very much," I said briskly. "You and Thor were worthy opponents."

"Yeah, well, maybe you can use that cash to take loverboy there out to dinner," she smirked as she walked away. I know Nat well enough to know that was a very educated jab at me.

When the bartender gave us our drinks, I asked Steve to come get some air with me. We walked up to the balcony and stood at the railing, watching everyone dancing. As we leaned over the railing, I could feel his arm touching mine. There hadn't been any space between us since he brought me down from the lift. Every touch, every time he got closer, I felt my breath catch in my throat and my chest pounded. Every time he spoke to me, he looked me in the eyes... in a way he'd never done before.

That's when I knew that if we didn't take the next step, it would never, ever happen. There was no coming back from this night. It was like an ultimatum forced upon us and I wondered if Steve felt the same way. It wasn't necessarily the worst thing. I just didn't want to see things swing the other way and lose my friend.

In a way, we were already like an old married couple. We were always together and I know quite a few people assumed we were lying about not being in a relationship.

With my head pounding and my ears ringing from being able to feel every pulse in my body, I reached over and put my hand in his. "That was fun, you're a good sport." I felt like my cheesy smile was out of control.

Steve leaned closer to me and I focused on how his dark eyelashes shaded his beautiful blue eyes as the dj's lights tried to bounce off them.

"I'd do anything for you, you know." His tone was so different, so subtle and strong at the same time. He reached over with the opposite hand to rub his knuckles on my arm.

"Well, you're batting a thousand tonight," I smiled, "you just made one of my childhood fantasies come true."

He laughed as he let a breath out. "Oh, okay, good... well, I'm glad." He looked away for a split second and looked back at me. "How about we make one of my fantasies come true then?"

If I wasn't sure before, I was sure now - he was crossing that line and there was no going back. I was biting.

"And what's that, Captain?"

"Kissing the prettiest girl in the dance hall..."

Steve leaned down to me and I met him halfway, our lips dancing off each other gently. When that wasn't enough, he turned fully to me and wrapped his hands around me as I reached out for his waist. He wasn't backing down and neither was I. Nothing felt unusual about kissing my friend in this way and he deepened the kiss by opening his mouth.

The room was so loud and my head and my heart were swimming with emotions, it took me a minute to hear the unusual sound from below. As if hearing it in tandem with Steve, we pulled our faces apart and looked down to the dance floor below to see everyone looking up at us and cheering. We saw Clint walk past Thor and hand him cash.

"Steve..." Tony's voice came over the speakers. He'd stolen the microphone yet again. "You and (Y/N) better come up for air and keep it PG or else I'm going to put you and baby in a corner."

I laughed at Tony as Steve nodded his head, taking the embarrassment like a champ. He lifted up my hand into the air to show victory and then gave me a dazzling smile, followed by another quick kiss and more cheering from below.

I guess things are going to be a little different now. At Natasha's urging, I'm taking that victory money and taking my best guy out to dinner.

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