Just One of the Guys (Steve Rogers x Reader)

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|   Warning: Mild language   |

"We're running late, I'm so sorry. Should be there in about 15 minutes."

You stared at the text from Steve as you shifted uncomfortably on your bar stool. Knowing he'd feel bad if you told him you were already waiting for him, you just typed, "No big deal, I'm kind of late myself. See you soon."

Sitting at a bar wasn't your kind of thing but at least this wasn't a dive bar... it was a hotel bar. In fact, it was a pretty nice hotel and maybe the most upstanding bar you'd ever been in. Come to think of it, that may not have been making you feel any better about it. The people in this room had money. It wasn't too comforting to you but you sipped your ginger ale and tried to blend in.

You put your phone back in your purse and glanced down at your blue-gray dress, smiling as you realized Steve was going to love this dress on you. And you would do just about anything to earn one of those beautiful smiles from him.

But your daydreaming was cut short when a man brushed against you, sitting down on the bar stool right next to you. You couldn't tell if the touching was accidental or not but you gave him a friendly smile when he looked at you.

"Hiya, honey. What'll you have?" he said, his tone getting pushier by the word. He eyed you up as you wished you could just get up and walk away.

"Oh, I'm fine, thanks. I have a full drink here," you said politely.

He laid his hand on your arm, "Come on, I'm buying..." he flagged down the bartender.

"Really, I'm fine. Thank you though. I'm meeting my boyfriend here any minute," you said. You tried to control any nervousness so it didn't come out in your voice. He'd feed off that like you were a wounded animal.

"Missy, I know better than that. There's no boyfriend coming. Look at you dressed like that... sitting here trying to play hard to get and pick up a..."

"Sir, you need to keep yourself in check," the bartender interrupted.

"All I want to do is buy her a drink," he growled. "We'll see where it goes from there..."

You felt a hot flush on your face, not believing that he had just said these things to you. You were starting to worry about how far this was going to go until Steve would get there and just then you felt a gentle hand on your left arm. Turning your head to see it really was a hand on you, you felt someone lean down and kiss your cheek. "Babe, sorry I'm late," his voice said.

It wasn't Steve.

You looked at him with wide eyes and he said, "I know you're mad. I'm sorry, I got stuck at work." He sat down on the other stool. The obnoxious man on your right got up and walked away, muttering and moving to the other side of the bar.

Your face returned to a smile as you looked at your hero. "Thank you... really. I appreciate it."

"I'm Jim," he said, suddenly looking more shy than before. He was tall and muscular with dark, shaggy hair and a bit of facial stubble... and you suddenly felt so much better that he was there.

"I'm (Y/N)," you said.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hit on you," he laughed softly. "I just watched that guy walk over here and I knew something was up."

"Well, thank you for being a good citizen," you smiled at him. "Can I buy you a drink?" You waved the bartender over and slid him your credit card. "Can we get a...?" You looked at him to find out what he wanted.

"Just a Coke, please," he said.

The bartender stepped away to get his Coke and Jim looked back over to you. "Are you really meeting your boyfriend?"

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